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Astronomia Sky

This is the third consecutive year that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has held its annual event in Saint-Tropez. The highlight of this event was the fundraising auction held for the foundation, which was held on July 26th. The foundation exists to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change and help protect endangered wildlife. Fundraising auctions usually combine very high-end experiences, participation events, luxury goods and artworks. The items auctioned this year include a large number of artworks donated for this event.

“Vanity Fair” reported that “Most of the money came from multiple auctions, including Richard Prince, Damian Hirst, Jonas Wood, Cecily Brown and Rudolph S Tingle’s genius artwork. A large work by Urs Fischer among the crowd sold for more than $2.5 million. Between Harvey Weinstein and DiCaprio Julian Schnabel (Julian Schnabel) made a short bidding war for huge portraits of actors made of paint and crushed prints. DiCaprio teased the producer on the stage not to raise his hands, and finally sounded Gave his $400,000 winning gavel.”

Watches are also distinctive. In the past three years, DiCaprio auctioned one of his own Rolex watches, but this year Jacobs also donated a unique astronomical tourbillon watch for the event.

Astronomia Sky is the new version of Astronomia Tourbillon, which shares the latter’s four-arm carrier system. On one arm is a double tourbillon (including the rotation of the entire carrier, the astronomical tourbillon and the astronomical sky are actually three-axis tourbillons). The other three in the astronomical tourbillon are the hour and minute hands (arranged on a gear system to keep 12:00 on the top of the display, independent of the rotation of the carrier) a rotating globe cut from orange sapphire; and a Rotating running seconds indicator. Earlier this year, I experienced Astronomia Sky firsthand, there really is nothing like it.

The difference between Astronomia Sky and the original Astronomia Tourbillon is that part of the dial is a star map with a moving ellipse, which can show the part of the sky that is visible overhead during the day or night. The ellipse rotates once every sidereal day and is also used as a sidereal time indicator. Jacob & Co. donated a version of the astronomical sky to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, engraved with DiCaprio’s signature, and read “Generosity is the key to our future on this planet “. By the way, this special version of Astronomia Sky does not have a sapphire globe. Instead, it uses spherical diamonds, just like the original astronomical tourbillon.

Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Astronomia Sky on stage.