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HYT watch-H1

The new HYT H1 by HYT watch, the hydromechanical Horologists, is the first watch ever equipped with a mechanical and hydrodynamic time indicator.

The watch uses two liquids to indicate the time-the first is transparent and the second is green-flowing through the tube along the outer hour markers.

The idea that leads to H1 is simple and consists of two flexible reservoirs fixed at the six o’clock position at both ends of the capillary. When the first one compresses, the second one expands, and vice versa, causing the liquid in the capillary tube to move.

The repulsive force of the molecules in each liquid separates them, and the meniscus marks the boundary between the two. Wholesale Fake Discount watches

As time passes, the fluorescent liquid advances. The half-moon-shaped meniscus marks the breaking point of another liquid in the tube and indicates the time. At 18:00, the fluorescent liquid returns to its original position and moves backwards.

The secret to make the reservoir work? The two bellows are made of high-strength, flexible electrodeposited alloy, and each bellows is driven by a piston. This is where the watchmaking industry activates the system.

HYT H1 is equipped with an exclusive in-house manufactured mechanical manual winding movement that runs at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour.

In the center of the dial is the minute adjuster, which overlaps with the spectacular small seconds display reminiscent of a water wheel. At 02.30, a 65-hour power reserve pointer indicates the remaining energy across three arcs.

Diameter: 48.8 mm. Thickness: 17.9 mm