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Graham chronofighter oversize gmt watch

If you have been following my weekend watch reviews, you will notice that I tend to like larger watches. But even this monster-Graham Oversize GMT-is too big for me.

Graham is a British high-end watch manufacturer. The company is named after the famous watch manufacturer George Graham, mainly made in Switzerland, and uses a combination of custom movements and some improved ETA parts. Chronofighter is a bit different and more interesting.

What are you looking at here? First of all, this is one of Graham’s flagship watches. It contains the self-winding movement G1733, which is Graham’s first in-house movement with a large date and GMT large hands at 12 o’clock. It also has a chronograph with a unique push rod/crown arrangement to stop and start measurements, and a plunger-like push rod.

That big trigger stops and starts the chronograph, and it also protects the crown. The case is 47 mm in diameter, and the copy watch is thick, with a solid back with a signature. It is waterproof to 100 meters on the surface.

Wearing on the wrist, especially with a leather strap, the watch is surprisingly light. However, the trigger on the side is definitely an acquired taste, if you are a little slender, you tend to penetrate deeply into your body. Although I don’t think I’m slim, I think it’s a bit too big.

But what’s so fun to wear. Graham is a polarized watch company that has entered the big watch trend with a size 14. This piece is bold and eye-catching, and the British descent and the basic “instrumentality” of the watch make it an interesting discovery. You can buy these for a brand new price of about $11,000, but the collector’s market usually sells them for about $8,000, which is not bad for a handmade watch the size of a Bund cake. copy watches for men

Of all the big watches I have reviewed, this one is the most difficult to recommend directly. I prefer to encourage people to visit dealers and try on this item personally to see if it fits. I am worried that it is meant to be big and big-watchmakers in the past few decades have scrambled to promote this concept. .

Graham copy has a unique new vision, and although they are attacked as fancy by some purists, I would say they are bold. For those who like big watches, Chronofighter is a big watch, and in terms of money, I haven’t seen anything better than it in terms of visibility, practicality and sheer cheeks.