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Hands-on: Bremont Supermarine S302 GMT diver

If you have met Nick or Giles English, you will know that these brothers always smile. Why would they not? After all, due to the global pandemic, the founding group behind the British watchmaker Bremont finally moved into their brand’s new factory after a year of delay, which has already begun to produce a lot of labor. These results include the 40mm Supermarine S302 GMT diving watch-one of Bremont’s first references to come to life in this ambitious new space.

Before we dive into the specific impression of the watch itself, it is worth taking a moment to learn about Wing-Bremont’s new factory in Henry on the Thames, and the central figure in the brand’s long-term goal of bringing Britain back to the forefront of the watch industry. However, this is a considerable victory-after five years of development (not including the pandemic delay), Wing’s comprehensive vision does seem to imply that Bremont has no plans to follow in the footsteps of its contemporaries. Designed specifically for the watch industry, its environmentally friendly design (excess heat generated by the processing on the side of the building is intended to heat the rest of the building, just as an example) laying the foundation for a completely carbon-neutral brand. The model also aims to trace as many elements of its watches back to their origins under Wing’s own roof.

Now, here, thick Norwegian steel rods are processed into watch cases, bright red jewels are inlaid in the movement, and then these movements are decorated in Bremont’s own style, including traditional pearl patterns, custom hollow rotors, and Patented anti-vibration technology. Final assembly and quality control are also going on in Wing, but the brothers hinted that more things will happen here in the near future. For Bremont, this is a welcome step towards the next level of manufacturing integration. It is also a very popular step to better inform and serve the end consumer, especially when the origin and assembly of components are usually shrouded in mystery. In the industry.

Taking all these factors into consideration, may make the new S302 such an impressive value proposition. You have a tried-and-tested Swiss Greenwich Mean Time ebauche (in this case, the ETA 2893 base is custom-made and observatory-certified) to power fully British processed and British-made tool watches. Now, is there a cheaper GMT watch that uses the same movement? Of course-and whenever Bremont’s name appears in a conversation, it is a familiar adverb. But we don’t buy the watch solely for its movement-we buy it for the sum of its parts. For Bremont, you bought it because of the quality and complexity of the case design, the easy-to-wear ability of the watch itself, and the simple fact that for most of the past ten years, the brand has brought originality and controversy ,

From a visual point of view, the new S302 GMT looks a lot like the standard Supermerine S301, with its sturdy 40mm shape and the iconic ribbed DLC coated barrel protecting the middle of the hardened steel case. Although it entered as a GMT watch with a card, Bremont wisely retained the traditional 60-minute scale on the unidirectional ceramic bezel, and straightforwardly maintained its function as a diving watch, instead of having a traveler or pilot’s Excessive water resistance of the watch. This may not seem like much, but if you extract references for similar equipment from Monta, Oris, Bell & Ross, Tudor, or even Breitling or Omega (if we expand the budget slightly), you will find a surprising amount of two-way 24 hours Bezels, some of which are even equipped with a very important independent adjustable hour hand-this combination allows you to easily jump back and forth between multiple time zones frequently. But in the final analysis, if you just plan to spend a long diving holiday in some remote turquoise framed area, then set GMT quickly, and you really only need the time zone: home time and local time to ensure you won’t miss it Daily appointments on the dive boat.

Brand: Bremont
Model: Supermarine S302 GMT
Size: 40 mm (12.5 mm thick, 49 mm lug to lug)
Water resistance: 300 meters
Case material: stainless steel
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire
Movement: BE-93-2AV (ETA 2893 GMT base), astronomically certified date and adjustable 24-hour hand automatic movement
Frequency: 4Hz
Power reserve: 40 hours
Strap/Bracelet: Leather

The size of the new S302 is 40 mm, which is different from the tradition of Bremont divers equipped with Greenwich Mean Time, such as the recent Project possible and the now sold out Endurance, both of which are 43 mm in size. The posture on the wrist has not changed much (the 40mm Supermarine is 2mm thinner and only 1mm shorter in the measurement from the lug to the lug), but the dial opening has shrunk and the lug width has also shrunk, now it is 20mm This makes the watch still very modern to wear, but visually it should be small enough to appeal to anyone who likes the classic size of a typical medieval tool watch.

Personally, I prefer the applied dial elements, the unique 2 o’clock crown position and crown guard, and the more aggressive shape of the larger 43 mm GMT version, but the S302 lacks in the above aspects, Enough to make up for the charming charm of the orange ring crown and cream-painted hour markers. It also impressed me that it is a perfect low-key adventure watch-I will not hesitate to take it to Baja for a little free diving or landing, where the matte dial, brushed lugs and sides of the watch, And the ubiquitous Swiss watch‘s “luxury” name at 12 o’clock is actually an advantage.