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Chopard Alpine Eagle has landed

I’m eager to watch the launch of the Watching collected, bringing it, rock-rolling texture dial, mirror imperial and celestial carved iris, and appealed to remember his lofty sailing wings. Our Leeds is exclusive. We are fortunate to be one of the three retailers in the UK to choose a small number of models from landmark collection, share the excitement of Western Chopard to provide viewing and first experience these incredible beautiful clocks. shape……

From 1860, the family-run Swiss watch makers, Chopard built a famous company specializing in gold for gold and diamond set gold watches. This FORTE won the success of the world until 1980. Until the company’s founder’s son, Karl-Friedrich Scheufee raised a new concept to his father – a contemporary sports watch made of stainless steel. The watch will be crowned as “St. Moritz” – a clock, not only through the name of the mountain town of Switzerland, but also inspired by luxury goods associated with it. In the case of the next ten years, Saint Moritz observed successfully gave Carl Friedrich Shifmei, so became the confidence and confidence required by Chairman of the Chief Republic, where he conquered some challenges and strengthened the brand. It has cultivated its reputable contact car industry through famous Mille Miglia Race, many of which have many other victories.

Until I saw the determination of his own son’s eyes, (like his young man is his father’s idea), Calfridrich recalls the same familiar passion and his son for innovative burning. Encourage him to encourage St. Mottz to watch modernization. Therefore, many favorite classics are re-examined and updated through the new name. Chopard Gaoshan Eagle shows many stunning references to stealth and alpine eagles themselves, as well as breathing background of majestic Alps. It also undertakes the company’s commitment to ethical values, as a manufacturer and Madia in the deeply living in Switzerland and Maison.

Looking forward to the long-awaited Chopard Eagle watch collection (including 10 designs developed by steel, gold, two-color or diamond sets) Let us breathe. Chopard’s unique unique case material is made of super resistance and light reflective metal named Lucent Steel A223, which is very worthwhile. The watches are ergonomically designed to appeal to a lot of innovation and exclusive features, which will call on luxurious watch collectors and dedicated Chopard observation and appreciation. Alpine Eagle Watch has comprehensive cases and bracelets in comfort and practical functions. Cold glittering glaciers can see clear and sharp gloss of transparent steel in some models, decorated with engraving compass roses by highlighting the protrusions of the crown. Since ancient times, the instrument has been used by explorers and scientists for navigation purposes, and equipped with members of the Eagle Foundation to perform their mission. EAGLE WINGS was established in Karl-Friedrich Scheufeele, a multidisciplinary environment, as an important reminder of the fragile balance between nature and human beings, recorded climate change on the effects of alpine ecosystems.

Luo Xun Steel A223 is used for some models of horny watch, which is developed from the renegotation process, which produces rich and complex materials, these materials are the precautions of the precious and complex design of the watch itself. Highly skin compatible materials are low allergies, plus their unique hardness to wear 50% wear resistant than normal stainless steel. Its superior uniform crystal structure enables it to illuminate – the brightness and the brightness is much lower than the impurities of conventional steel. Langxun Steel has taken Chopard, not less than 4 years – in-depth study and experiment results, leading to a very precious metal, which can be used to produce alpine eagle collections. 1:1 Quality Replica wathes

Chopard Alpine Hawk Watches Includes two sizes – for a wide arm, a wider arm and 36mm wrist weakened 41mm. In these innovative 100m waterproof cases lies two different internal development calibrations. The 41 mm Alpine Eagle is run through the 01.01-C caliber, providing an impressive 60-hour power reserve. Another power reserve from the 09.01-C caliber jurisdiction. Both have created a precisely tuning engine in the Western Watch Manufacturing Symposium, and the astronomical certification was performed by Swiss official timer control. Like many Chopard watches, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele hopes that the delicious and display of components in various sports is assembled to make a view in the back of the watch, so the anti-reflection and scratch-resistant sheets can be used to use each time to use sapphire crystal glass. Observe the lens.

A slight tapered bracelet, including a single ingot-shaped link, is filled with wristbands, soft hugs on the top of the raised center cap, making the wearer wearing a smart eagle observing the wrist, no effort. Chopard’s engineer and craftsman chose a total of 8 screws on the four base points on the baffle to serve in aesthetics and actual levels. The screw ensures effective water resistance and upgrading, high quality surface. The central hand and index of the superluminova coating will change the appearance according to the conditions of light, similar to how the appearance of the chisel Alps is moving in the sun in the sky, the appearance of the chisel of the Alps. The chosen watch also shows the face of the sun brush, capturing the light in a playful flashing manner.

It hopes that Chopard hopes to watch the wrist, collectors from all over the world will highlight the importance of exquisite alpine creatures, through the eyes of lofty powerful eagles. The foundation will launch the first project in this month. With the alpine eagle competition, this will involve participants to observe images taken from the eagle launched from five different alpine peaks, ending in San Mo Ritz (St. Moritz).