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Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Watch

As we all know, in the precise border, Zenith brand continues to be with Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurnicane Watch in this area. The core of brand accuracy is performed by the EL Primero motion, with frequency of 36,000 vibration per hour, and then by the gravity control system.

Combining this new workwatch is not only guaranteed to absolute accuracy, but the brand is based on suppression, etc., the third enhancement is added. The system provides constant forces, which leads to a closer range in the entire run time.

Familiar with brand lovers and collection are excited about new design, as well as reputation loyalty. Many people ask this model to be a real gyrpen? Although the gymn is rotated around his shaft, there are many watches carrying the name, but it is actually not a gourmet. For this new Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb, the escapement is in the cage and remains upright due to its weight. When the wearer moves or turns the high luxury store , the escapement moves, which is a very complex function, which is technically manufactured in the process.

Another very unique function on this work is to protrude sapphire crystals, visible on the dial, as well as the back. This design feature is the result of brand finding space to accommodate the results of the escapement, so it can move in this case. When watching the watch, you may conclude, because the foam on the back of the case is uncomfortable, and when it is actually not, everyone seems to find it is easy to wear.

Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane did maintain a brand, provided quality, reliability, accuracy and style. This situation is designed, with a diameter of 45 mm, rose gold. Brand El Primero Calibre 8805 provides a power supply for a watch, manually wrapped. The clock contains 1112 parts to make one of the most complex watches in creation.

This brand is not afraid to point out that the escapement is not a gymitar, but a mechanism representative of precision and quality. Fusee and Chain assembling are excellent mechanisms, and the brand has excellent features, as well as perfect visual balance. All watches are sold in this series and keep the brand being respected.

Detailed brilliance and beauty are one aspect of the brand, except for fairness and affordable pricing sold on these watches. All series contain internal motion, master and design for fun and precision. This model is manufacturing using limited edition, and the pricing will be required. So if you are looking for fashion, cool, efficient, then this work is suitable.