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Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1P-010

The Patek Philippe Nautilus Platinum (No. 5711/1P-010) has been added to our database today-including pricing information.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1P-010 is easily one of the most sought after watches of Patek Philippe. It is said that only a few models are produced every year-only for those who are not only financially strong, but also close to Patek Philippe, our local representatives. It is neither listed on the Patek Philippe website nor in its catalog, which enhances its elusive and mysterious status among collectors.

The news about 5711/1P-010 first appeared around mid-2013, and the source indicated that the first batch of parts was delivered around the end of 2012. The idea for the modern platinum Nautilus is said to come directly from Thierry Stern or-or-from an anonymous buyer who ordered a batch but ultimately did not accept it.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1a-010 vs. 5711/1p-010

In addition to the platinum case and bracelet, when comparing the 5711/1P-010 with its stainless steel model, there are some subtle differences on the dial. The color is a more saturated blue, and the date window has a border. The words “Patek Philippe” and “Geneve” are all done on a flat surface, not on the regular stripe pattern of the dial-the photo of WatchesBySJX illustrates this point well. In addition to SJX, I think I must point out that the white dial 5711/1A-011 and other recent Nautilus like 5980/1AR-001 also saw the same situation.

Patek Philippe: Watch Focus

Patek Philippe is famous for producing the best timepieces in the world, and their watches are the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking. Here, we learn more about famous watch brands, understand their values, and the Patek Philippe imprint.

Patek Philippe is the last independent family-owned watch manufacturer in Geneva and has an undisputed supremacy in the watch industry. Their unparalleled reputation and prestige are highly valued by watch connoisseurs, and their unique heritage and innovative heritage continue to inspire.

Here, we explore the world of Patek Philippe.

Since 1839, Patek Philippe has been pursuing the traditional art of Geneva watchmaking. Considered to be the best watch model in the world, manufacturers enjoy full creative freedom to design, develop and assemble incredible watches. They combine ancient skills with innovative traditions and continue to impress admirers of high-end watches.

They have their own manufacturing, vertically integrated production, have their own R&D department, and create and design all movement and external components in their own workshop. Everything, from simple models to complex timepieces, to meticulous attention to detail, are assembled in-house by skilled craftsmen.

Patek Philippe’s values
Patek Philippe has always been loyal to their pursuit of perfection from the beginning, and their ten values ​​continue to inspire their ideas and manufacturing work.

Independence: As the oldest independent family-owned Geneva watch manufacturer, they can control their own destiny with complete creative freedom.

Tradition: As part of Geneva’s great watchmaking tradition, they combine many years of watchmaking experience with a tradition of innovation.

Innovation: Patek Philippe continues to test the forefront of watchmaking art through its avant-garde achievements and cutting-edge technology.

Quality and workmanship: Their goal has always been to make the best timepieces in the world, and quality and workmanship are still the backbone of their production. mens replica watch

Rare: Each timepiece produced is regarded as a unique piece, and its quality and attention to detail are highly praised by watch connoisseurs.

Value: Creating every piece of work requires countless hours of work, and they will maintain or even increase their value for many years. They are also regarded as having high emotional value and have become cherished items for generations.

Aesthetics: With design that transcends trends, their eternal style is a combination of individuality and caution, elegance and uniqueness.

Service: They are committed to providing the highest standards of after-sales service and ensuring that timepieces receive the maintenance and attention needed for generations to come.

Patek Philippe Seal
Patek Philippe has always defined its own quality standards, with extremely strict standards and strict inspection procedures. To reinforce this, Patek Philippe has created its own quality seal for all its mechanical timepieces-the Patek Philippe seal. It relies on many well-defined standards and is applied to finished watches as a whole. As the most stringent set of instructions in the watch industry, it ensures that every timepiece, from the dial to the movement, is flawless.

Calatrava Cross
As a symbol of high-end watchmaking art, Calatrava Cross was registered as a trademark protected by law in 1887. It is ornamental and unaffected by fashion trends, making it an ideal symbol of value. Watchmaker. Its name comes from the Spanish Knight Medal, which demonstrates courage, chivalry and independence, and the four lilies in the design are reminiscent of the traditional lilies that once graced the French royal family. This represents prestige and sovereignty, and expresses Patek Philippe’s outstanding technical and design capabilities. As a symbol, it embodies the spirit of Patek Philippe and inspires watch lovers all over the world.