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Jacobs and Messi: Epic X Chrono Messi

2019 is an important year of cooperation for Jacob & Co. In January, the brand signed an agreement with football legend Lionel Messi-he is the nine-time champion of the Spanish Football League, the four-time champion of the UEFA Champions League, and the five-time UEFA Champions League champion. -Golden Globe Award for World’s Best Player, Five-time European Best Scorer Golden Boot Award, Olympic Gold Medalist.

In recognition of Messi’s outstanding achievements, Jacob & Co collaborated with the God of Football to develop a series of equally epic timepieces. The Epic x Chrono “Messi” model features 47 mm polished grade 5 titanium, titanium and rose gold or titanium and white gold, a diamond-encrusted case, anti-reflective sapphire glass, ceramic chronograph bezel and buttons, and rubber horns, and crowns.

The light blue and white color scheme refers to Messi’s Argentine descent. There is also his famous red No. 10 on the flange ring of the timepiece, the “Messi M” logo on the six o’clock position on the dial, his signature on the sapphire glass back, and the automatic double composite hollow chronograph machine core.

Jacobs company billionaire
If I heard about the jeweller Jacob through Jay-Z’s “Money Ain’t a Thing” for the first time, it wasn’t until the Basel Watch and Jewellery Show in 2015 that I was truly shocked by this billionaire.

This unique product was created by Arabo in collaboration with Flavio Briatore and his company Billionaire Lifestyle SARL. The media at the time described it as “a dazzling representation of the brave and rebellious Jacob’s corporate spirit.”

This handmade exclusive Jacob & Co. Skeleton manual winding tourbillon movement JCAM09 is enough to make people breathtaking. But the real glory is the 18 K white gold 58 X 47.5 mm case and bracelet, set with 260 carats of emerald cut diamonds. Each gem is important, and some of the individual rocks weigh up to 3 carats. And they are all individually set beads to maximize brightness.

In 2018, former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather (Floyd Mayweather) bought this super shiny watch for $18 million. When I was in the same room with this timepiece in Basel, I felt honored and nervous. Glad for a moment, I am a part of Jacob & Co’s incredible history.

Jacob & Co.’s Time Traveler EPIC SF 24-the original multi-area display

It is undeniable that Jacob & Co has the identity of a cross-time zone time management logo and insists on using this new product in 2013 that can indicate the hours in 24 cities and towns in the world. This 45 mm white gold, rose gold or grade 5 titanium mechanical device is equipped with a Concepto 2200 automatic movement, a 40-hour power reserve, and is equipped with a GMT SF24 module developed by Studio 7h38 specifically for the brand. Epic X Chrono Messi

A tubular curvature made of glass is arranged horizontally at the top of the work, which contains a system to display the names of towns in a style inspired by airport display boards, which travelers all over the world know. In fact, who hasn’t stayed in the airport or train station, these exciting dashboards change one after another, sometimes showing the town name or departure time in a progressive way? The time it takes to find the timetable or the next destination, this magic show between mechanical games and optical effects is reminiscent of escape!

From Changji Airport in Singapore to the Atlantic City Railway Terminal in Zurich, the same components in motion fold their numbers and letters to reveal their valuable information. Starting from the New York flagship store opened in 2004, Jacob & Co’s Swiss-made luxury watchmaking industry emerged 25 years ago, and is sometimes synonymous with high-end jewelry, once again shining in the universal shameless nourishment of borderless creativity. exact replica watches