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Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 seconds visual enamel

Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey created a watches with both neoclassical elegance and sobriety: the tourbillon 24-second visual enamel watch. It houses the third basic invention of Greubel Forsey in a perfectly exquisite case. Its white Greubel Forsey enamel dial injects eye-catching brilliance into the timepiece, which is a poetic contrast with the exquisite blued steel hands and exquisite handmade counterbores. The sapphire dome is integrated with the bottom cover, revealing the inclined tourbillon frame, and its plywood is like a semicircular Roman-style vault, which represents the supreme technology and craftsmanship.

With the tourbillon 24 second visual enamel, Robert Gopper and Stephen Fauci realized neoclassicism and eternity. This timepiece shows absolutely pure lines and at the same time shows the world of precision and precision. The Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision platinum model was awarded the best timepiece in all categories by the jury of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix in 2015. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey are very cherished honors because they admit to having won honors twice in their careers.

Exquisite proportions meet vertical asymmetry

Greubel Forsey accepted the challenge and redesigned their third basic invention, the space of the tilted tourbillon frame of the 24 second tourbillon, in an exquisitely proportioned case. The unprecedented solution lies in the combination of sophistication and simplicity with vertical asymmetry: a dome is incorporated into the sapphire crystal on the back of the timepiece, creating an extra space to accommodate the tilting tourbillon system. The shape and position of the dome have been carefully designed to be worn on the wrist very comfortably, completing the subtle alchemy between performance and ergonomics. swiss watch

Skylight displays precision machinery

The ethereal composition of the entire timepiece highlights and enhances the core beating of the tourbillon’s 24-second mechanism. Its fast rotation speed and tilt angle solve the problem of the critical position of the oscillator relative to gravity. The 25° angle and rapid rotation of the tourbillon cage significantly improve timekeeping performance, especially in the stable position of a system containing a tourbillon. In the tourbillon 24-second visual enamel, the sapphire crystal dome guides the veritable flow of light into the inside of the timepiece, and you can see the complicated mechanism.

Tourbillon bridge, the victory of technology and craftsmanship

One of the most striking features of this timepiece is its two curved tourbillon bridges, the geometry of which resembles a Romanesque dome. The 3D surface of the tourbillon arch splint is treated with barrel polishing, showing the famous black polishing effect. This is a real manpower and technical feat that requires superb talent and years of practical experience. In the hands of the craftsmen of Koppelforth, the polishing is carried out continuously until an incredible deep black jet polishing effect is achieved without reflection. This requires such rare know-how that each bridge is carefully signed by the individual movement finisher who adorns it. A truly elegant way to celebrate excellence in timepieces.

The purity of luxxury Greubel Forsey enamel sublimated the grandeur of neoclassicism

With the tourbillon 24-second enamel watch, Gaupperfors introduced the Greubel Forsey enamel dial for the first time. The exquisite craftsmanship of the craftsman’s hand-made model, as well as the result of exquisite processing, enhance its flawless whiteness. This dial surrounds the entire timepiece with a gorgeous halo and noble simplicity, while the Roman hour numerals at six and twelve o’clock highlight the neoclassical sophistication. The exquisite hand-made blued steel hands confirm the amazing timelessness and refined aesthetics. They have been lightened to the greatest extent, and their shape is spear-like, directing the sight to the royal blue enamel hour markers.

This timepiece features a 5N red gold case and a hand-stitched leather strap, which is secured by a pin buckle with the hand-engraved Gooper Forsy logo.

Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision Enamel: stunning exquisite timepieces and noble and pure aesthetics