Richard Mille replica watches

Popular Richard Mille models

RM 11

Launched in 2007, RM 11 is the most recognizable and classic model of Richard Mille Collection. The classic tonnage case is a unique and eye-catching design with 20 spline screws from grade 5 titanium. Each situation usually involves 202 separate processing operations.

Most RM11s use a flyback chronograph, a 60-minute countdown timer and a relatively busy dial in the almanac, following the clear look of Richard Dawn watches. There are many different variants of RM 11, including Felipe Massa “Korea” Limited Edition, McLaren Edition and Diamond Bezel.

RM 61

Launched in 2014, RM 61, nicknamed “Baby Blake” is a collaborative effort of the world champion, Yohan Blake. With only limited fragments, the Richard Mille RM 61-01 is a shock test to withstand the impact of more than 5,000 grams.

The 50.24mm x 42.7mm case is made of TZP black ceramic with NTPT carbon shell tape. These two’claws mark’ the high-tech bridge that reveals the movement of RMUL2 through the skeletonized “dial”.

RM 35

Brightness and resistance are the main principles that guided Richard Mille in the watch dedicated to Rafael Nadal. Nicknamed “Baby Nadal”, RM 35-02 is the sixth watch created for Rafael Nadal in 2016, and RM27-03 was released the previous year. The shell length of RM35-02 is 49.94mm, the thickness is 13.15mm, and the width is 44.50mm. The titanium RMAL1 movement is supported by 4 peripheral V bridges, highlighting the integrated moving elements.

Why should you own a Richard Dawn watch?
“You can’t find a watch like Richard Mille because of the lack of money.” The materials and movement used in Richard Mille watches are absolutely amazing, ensuring that their owners can only make the most of them on their wrists. Richard Mille observed the “billionaire’s handshake” in the most unique social world. In the most unique social world, Richard Mille watches conveyed a message that they are one of the wealthy elites in the world. In fact, even if you have cash to burn, you will be incredibly popular as the RM11 or RM55 of Richard Mille Boutique. The boutique has at least a two-month waiting list to get Richard Mille’s new model. The expensive price tag of Richard Mille watches is an effort to create exclusive effects, ensuring that only a small group of its esteemed customers can afford Richard Mille. There is a Richard Mille on your wrist, which effectively communicates your identity, power and success with the right audience, proving that you have a high level of disposable income to lay down seedlings on the clock.

The beauty of fake Richard Mille watches is so popular that most owners don’t want to sell it. In addition, Richard Mille watches in the secondary market usually find a new boss in a short time, a positive sign of high liquidity in the market.