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Longines cheap launches black heritage classic “fan-shaped” dial

Only in old shift hours.

As early as 2019, Longines launched the Heritage Classic, which is a replica of the 1934 watch with a “fan-shaped” dial. Combining popular retro style with affordable prices-we gave a thumbs up in the comments-the original Heritage Classic was a success. Longines now equips the Heritage Classic with a black dial, while the rest remains unchanged.

Longines cannot be accused of being imaginative, but this is not a problem at all, because the brand’s strength, at least for watch lovers, is its retro remake. In fact, the new Heritage Classic was launched a few months after the launch of the new color Avigation Bigeye.

Except for the dial, the new Heritage Classic is the same as the 2019 in all aspects, so it has the same appeal as the previous model, although I prefer the black dial to the silver dial.

Dark dials are more suitable for “sector” dials, sometimes referred to as “scientific” dials. I used to like a clean and simple appearance, but now the black lines look clearer. However, the black dial gives up the hot blue hands of the silver dial, which is a shame, but in view of the need to compare hands, this is necessary.

Black sector
The “scalloped” dial and a wearable 38.5 mm case are retained. The 1:1 Quality Replica wathes is also powered by the L893 movement equipped with a silicon hairspring.

The “fan-shaped” dial is neatly divided into five-minute and quarter-sectors. It was originally designed to help timekeeping and became popular in the 1930s and 1940s. The black and silver dial of the new Heritage Classic is very clear and easy to read, and it looks practical and sophisticated.

Like the silver version, the black dial is actually two tones. The hour scale ring is treated with concentric drawing, and the color is lighter, while the central part and outermost ring are made of matte black.

Although the early Heritage Classic only offered leather straps, like most other Longines remakes, the new version can be paired with vintage rice bead bracelets.

Defeating L893 under the sturdy bottom cover is essentially the re-labeled ETA A31.L91, which is again an upgraded version of ETA 2892. The movement has a three-day power reserve (in part by slightly reducing its frequency) and a silicon balance spring. High Quality Replica watches