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Jacob & Co Fast & Furious Twin Turbo

Jacob & Co Fast & Furious Twin Turbo is a dramatic automatic inspiration watch

Everyone’s favorite fast and passion movie franchise preparation is to unveiled F9, ninth out of the movie, this should be played later this month. To commemorate new movies, Jacob & Co cooperates with Universal Pictures to design a special edition fast and passionate twin turbine watch.

Based on Jacob & Co’s twin turbocharged, watch features 57mm x 52mm 88 pieces forging carbon shell, steel edge frame and some similar accents. The highlight of the watch mainly distinguishes it with its watched family, is the upper part of the watch dial, and its characteristics from the F & F movie’s memorable image.

Under large sapphire crystals, the upper part of the fast and intense double turbine is a timing code table, which contains images of “Starting Girls and Glags”, just like you see in the movie. . The girl behind is a scene depicting the hot rod prepared by the bolt. Fast and passion logo features features above the image.

Below the image portion on the dial is a pair of three-dimensional three-axis gyro, which is a car fuel express indicator. Interestingly, the watch also has a decisive repeater that is more than a few minutes and a few minutes in different tones, so it is easier to hear the time.

Car inspiration fast and passion twin turbine watches have an exciting column single hole time timer, integrated into the crank crown. The black and red clocks are manually powered by the internal caliber JCFM05, and the manual wound movement includes 832 components.

Twin Turbo has a perspective sapphire case – imprints with fast and fierce double turbine watch – allowed to look at internal interesting exercise. The watch is limited to nine examples of new speed and converged film F9. It will be launched on June 25th, the same day movie is debut in the United States. jacob and co astronomia spider

This limited edition of “fast and passion” observation costs are as many as the super sports car.

Well, this is another partnership we have not seen: Deluxe Watch Manufacturers Jacob & Co. Announces a new limited edition watch, with fast and fierce film franchise rights cooperation.

Feast on fast and passionate double turns – a new luxury opportunity, inspired by top motion sequences, endless plots and “family”.

Of course, let’s joking. Jacob & Co. Describe this version as “unique complex schedule designed for high-performance sports cars”, “” The iconic symbol combining it together, this is the most popular movie franchise by all time. Inspire. ” astronomia tourbillon baguette

This is a lot of MOOLAH for a movie inspiration watch. So what did you get? Image of starting girl with lattice flag, muscle car and super sports car on aesthetic, laboray, super sports car. Fast and fierce movie logo can also find front, and clear trash components. This construct is made of titanium and carbon, and the baffle is Neoralithe.

Function is wise, there is a second indicator at 9 o’clock, and 3 points at the counter counter. It is still running on the two-three-axis sequential high-speed gyro system, which actually means that the watch is as accurate.

All in all, the fast and intense double turbocharger has a total of 832 components – the number of screens on the screen of the first seven movies of the franchise. Once again, we joke, but the buy luxury replica watches really has a lot.