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Vacheron Constantin centuries classic strength for a few centuries, but most want you can dig out, it comes with a small “rotating machine” comes from the classic.

I like to look at the European man, because you can always detect different countries in some details, different countries are different in culture and taste: French men are highly picky; Italian men are mixed with high and natural; German men’s Chinese rules Be careful; the British man cultivates the body and is good at Xiao Yan and surprises. I especially like to observe these details, more good at excavating these secrets who are careful to hold together with a variety of careful thinking.

2021 is a hundred years of Vacheron Constantin’s historical name “1921”.

Maybe when watching the watch design, I am also like this, so I often find the so-called “Classic With A Twist”, this classic comes with a small surprise. The new product release of the “Watches and Miracles” Senior Watch Exhibition, a number of brands, a lot of new varieties of Vacheron Constantin, almost every series has a new style, let us take a few I like the style.

once a Thief


Speaking in the high-level watchmaking, the quick replacement table is taken into a mainstream standard, which may be a tide that cheap Vacheron Constantin is brought by the four seas. This mechanism is sensitive and cleverly hidden in the strap and housings (ear) The design is not only great to break the watch design only in the case and the “stubborn” that I think, and the senior tab I believe should include this clever and precise operation mechanism. Bring the so-called “advanced manual” feel. This is also that Jiang Shi Doint is good at creating a classic, each time gives a little surprise “”.

Vacheron Constantin is in the 2021 “watch and miracle” high-end show, launched a long-term four-sea ultra-thin, blue paint and hollow surface style.

The four seas ultra-thin rose gold hollow will be a glimpse of the market last year, many people still have to look at it. However, 2021 “Watch and Miracle” high-end watch exhibition published 18K white gold, blue plate carcarked thousands of years, still worth looking forward to using classic 1120 ultra-thin multi-year calendar, openwork, the face plate uses artificial sapphire material, show The small pinboard circle of information uses blue paint to perform, the automatic settlement of this movement, using the NAC hardness surface treated on the TWN BEAT double core rate of the TWIN beat, this The processing mode can be exhibited outside the matte rock, and the characteristics of the durability, anti-loss loss of the movement of the movement are also enhanced.

Vacheron Constantin crossing the four seas series of overshaders, the white gold case diameter 41.5 mm, the thickness of 8.1 mm, equipped with 1120 QPSQ / 1 automatic upper chain movement, the movement of 4.75 Hz, energy storage 40 Hours, Month, Week, Date, Month and Leap Year Instrument, Geneva, 50m, waterproof, 18K white gold table chain / crocodile leather / rubber strap with three fast replacement. copy watches for men

The eight-seas of the 18K white gold chain also launched a non-hollow classic model, the blue plate is more strong, and the rising sunfastened blue surface used by the previous four seas, the 2021 version is blue painted surface treatment, color Derived and saturated.

Vacheron Constantin is over-haired series of ultra-thin multi-year-old watch, the white golden shell diameter is 41.5 mm, the thickness of 8.1 mm, is equipped with 1120 qp / 1 automatic upper chain head, the movement of 4.75 htz, the energy storage is 40 hours, Month, Week, Date, Month and Leap Year Instrument, Geneva, Waterproof 50m, with three quick replacement tablets / straps with three-speed replacement.

Blue Pan with rose gold is also a popular combination in recent years. Vacheron Constantin has been launched this year’s longitudinal seaside precious metal chain, which is a blue lacquer treatment disk, deep and eye-catching, Vacheron Constantin classic Maltese crossbair, in The deep saturated blue-paint is rotated, just like the giant round sailing in the sea, domineering.

Vacheron Constantin crossing the four seas series gyro watches, 18K 5N pink chains diameter 42.5 mm, the thickness of 10.39 mm, equipped with 2160 automatic upper chain movement, 5.65 mm of the movement thickness, 2.5 Hz, storage capacity 80 hours, Geneva Imprint, waterproof 50 meters, equipped with three quick replacement 18K 5N pink gold surface chain / crocodile skin / rubber strap with 18K 5N pink meter buckle.

Equipped with best Vacheron Constantin homemade, a 2160 automatic end-chain turbine movement with Geneva printing certification, its most chicenter is: the design of the annular automatic disk, under the transparent rear cover, completely do not obstruct Vacheron Constantin consistently exquisite Geneva manual Process.