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Richard Mille new RM 74-02 & RM 74-01

Replica Richard Mille RM 74-02 In-House Automatic Winding Tourbillon Watch

RM 74-01 and RM 74-02, have automatic jump out of person

The facilities include internal automatic gyro principals, CRMT6 and CRMT5, gray metal ceramics and gold, carbon TPT, and materials are specialized in Richard.

RM 74-01 has gray metal ceramics, and the striking of corrosion resistance and scratches is especially suitable for case applications.

Unique attraction and technology complex, RM 74-01 and RM 74-02 internal automatic tethernewheels offer new versions of new new internal automatic gyro caliber. These two distracted models have both the same hyperkelite heart, which are used in their cases and their aesthetic materials, making them unique.

RM 74-01 has gray metal ceramics, and the striking of corrosion resistance and scratches is especially suitable for case applications. The luminance of titanium is combined with the hardness of the ceramic, and the gray metal ceramic consists of a metal zirconium matrix associated with a high performance ceramic insert. The hardness of the material comparable to diamond is particularly suitable for this model. The years of development of Richard Mille and IMI Group (MicroTechnology Expert) enters the design of this material and its strange gray. At the same time, the 5-stage titanium shell belt, the bridge and the bottom plate have been successfully supplemented, and the case construction is supplemented.

In terms of the part, RM 74-02 enhances tabulation, gold carbon TPT together with another material of cheap Richard Mille. This technical challenge is to combine single composite (carbon TPT) and precious metals (gold foil). Many years of work has entered the development. The structural composition is only in line with its brightness, which lights the contrast between the viscous black and the golden colloid of carbon. Its dim silhouette is a threaded shot of 24 carats, which extends extends on the bottom plate and a steel sheet with polished pillars and a red golden shell with a crown with gold surrounded.

The two types of dual cores are the internal CRMT6 caliber of RM 74-01, and the CRMT5 caliber of RM 74-02. The material for the bottom plate and the bridge is used for the former PVD and electroplated treatment stage 5-stage titanium, and the latter interest is yellow and red. The rhythm of the gyro regulator is jumped to the rhythm of the gyro regulator with a free-flow balance wheel, and the constant energy from its fast winding bucket is gently diffused to ensure a 50-hour mechanical ballet. Two motions draw their energy from the variable geometric rotor, allowing each watch and its winding to personalize the contour of the owner.

The characteristic elongated lines of RM 74-01 and RM 74-02 specifically highlight their respective tetanite, solemnly positioned within its framework. The specific work with expansive bouquets in flange highlights the movement of each luxury replica watches, and elegant hand-made effect further improves the exquisite characteristics of these two pieces, combining elegance and mental science into perfect.