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Omega Seamaster 2021 New watches

Omega Seamaster main model

Not long ago, Omega replica released a new model for 2021, and the men’s watch is dominated by the new seamaster. The most eye-catching among them is Omega’s new all-black ceramic seahorse 300 meters, and the new seahorse 300 bronze and gold models (note that one is the seahorse 300 meters, the other is the seahorse 300, the difference is one word, two different watches).

Omega 2021 new model, all black ceramic seahorse 300 meters.

Seamaster is Omega’s most popular watch in China, with many types and patterns. Just the branches under the hippocampus, there are hippocampus 150 meters, hippocampus 300 meters, hippocampus 600 meters, hippocampus 300, and iron tyrants. Players who are new to famous watches are easily trapped. Therefore, I will focus on the mainstream seahorses on the market today, so that players can see at a glance and find the one that suits them best.

Omega’s new 2021, the new generation of Haima 300 bronze and gold models

Omega 2021 new, the new generation of Haima 300 steel

Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA Green Plate.

The hippocampus AQUA TERRA is 150 meters, and the hippocampus is AT, where 150 represents the waterproof depth of 150 meters. For example, the hippocampus

AT8900 represents the hippocampus AT using the 8900 movement.

Seamaster AT is the branch of Omega Seamaster series that tends to be formal and casual. It can be formal wear, casual, and has good waterproof ability, but it is not for professional diving. It can be seen that the appearance of the seahorse AT is relatively “introverted”, but the three-dimensional time scale and the horizontal yacht deck pattern on the plate increase the luxury of the watch. Equipped with a crocodile leather strap, it can be worn formally, and it can be moved with a steel chain or tape. This is the biggest advantage of Seamaster AT.

Haima AT now has two models, one large and one small, the large 41 mm, using the 8900 movement; the small 38 mm, using the 8800 movement. The 8800 and 8900 calibres are equipped with 15000 Gauss anti-magnetic, to achieve astronomical observatory certification (0/+5 seconds error standard). You can choose according to the thickness of your wrist. The movement configuration is the latest generation of Omega, so don’t be too entangled.

Omega Seamaster 300m dive watch

Latest style: all black ceramic

Style: professional diving, fashion

The seahorse 300-meter diving watch is referred to as the seahorse 300 meters in China. Note that there is a meter, which means the waterproof depth is 300 meters. Also distinguish the hippocampus 300 meters and the hippocampus 300 (these are two tables).

The Seamaster 300m is one of Omega’s hottest watches, and it is also a professional diving watch. The 300-meter hippocampus on sale is the latest generation of Omega. It uses a ceramic bezel, the ceramic bezel is filled with enamel, and there is a laser-engraved wave pattern on the disk. The performance and durability of professional diving watches, outstanding appearance and luxury, coupled with a reasonable price, are the reasons why the seahorse 300 meters are popular. It can be said that the 300m hippocampus is one of the most cost-effective luxury diving watches on the market.

The hippocampus is 300 meters away, all using 8800 automatic movement, with 15000 Gauss anti-magnetic, to achieve astronomical observatory certification (0/+5 seconds error standard). Different watch case materials have slightly different sizes. The steel shell and intermetallic are 42 mm; the ceramic version is 43.5 mm. Different watch case configurations have relatively large differences in public prices, so you can choose according to your own budget. The hippocampus 300 meters is still very fashionable to get started, the size and thickness are moderate, and it is easy to wear for leisure and sports.

The iron tyrant in history looks very similar to the Omega Seamaster. The iron tyrant currently on sale is the latest model launched in 2018. In the sale of the iron tyrant, the old-fashioned triangle hour markers, track scales, dial crosshairs, and lollipop pointers all have a strong retro style. The dial of the watch is drawn vertically, which is very distinctive. Tieba does not have a transparent bottom cover, the bottom cover is engraved with a “Hippocampus” pattern. Use 8800 movement (8806 without calendar version), with 15000 Gauss anti-magnetic, also echo the true color of the anti-magnetic watches for men in the history of Tieba. Omega Ironmaster, size 40 mm, has three different panel colors, black, silver, and blue. It can be equipped with steel chain and leather belt, among which the blue plate has a cowboy style strap, which is very individual.