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Breitling Pro

Although we may not all be able to participate in this year’s fashion watches event, this has not prevented some of our favorite brands from making their debut at the Geneva Watch Fair.

Someone who caught our attention immediately? The latest member of Breitling’s professional series-Endurance Pro.

Created for athletes, by athletes
Positioned by the brand as the ultimate “casual” watch, the overwhelming response of the watch industry is: “Finally, a watch that truly targets athletes.” In fact, this watch is not just for those who actively pursue lifestyles. Design, it was actually designed with the help of ambassador and three-time ironman world champion Jan Frodeno (Jan Frodeno). Although many sports watches have bulky designs, bulky stainless steel and fragile mechanical movements, Endurance Pro is the opposite. The elements include a 44mm Breitlight® carbon fiber composite case, which weighs 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than stainless steel; the accuracy of the SuperQuartz™ movement is ten times that of traditional quartz, on a black bidirectional rotating bezel Engraved with basic compass hands. To end this, you can also choose from five colorful variants. It is safe to say that whether you are a professional athlete or just enjoy a morning jog, fake Endurance Pro will enhance your active lifestyle.

What is old (and cool)
Endurance Pro effortlessly blends a rugged sports watch with a casual everyday quartz chronograph, while drawing inspiration from the classic Breitling Sprint of the 1970s. This timepiece combines a pulsometer with a lightweight case and, like its successor, uses bold and colorful products. Endurance Pro modernizes the aesthetics, which seems to reflect the overall direction of the Professional series.

For the athletes among all of us
Talk about practicing what you say. . . This watch is co-launched with Endurance Pro Strava Challenge, the watch encourages the wearer to complete 500 minutes of swimming, running, cycling or any similar blood drawing exercise. Why does it take 500 minutes? This is the approximate time required for elite athletes to complete Ironman. However, don’t worry-those of us who are not superhumans will be able to break these 500 minutes into smaller exercises in two weeks. Participants who complete the challenge will be drawn into a random lottery to win Breitling loot, including Endurance Pro and co-branded cheap Breitling/Gornago bikes.