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Chronomat collects and Noveltize’s refresh, Noveltize Sporting B01 chronograph, and a new model with a half permanent calendar, a Breitling years of spirit calls a 4-year calendar model. All new models have vertical clutch chronograph modules in Breitling internal manufacturing.

Last year, the Chronomat timer collected is refresh, and the situation drops 44mm to 42mm. The following is a detailed review of the release. However, Breitlings of years seem to recover 44 mm, and now recombine it as super chronomat. This new series is inlaid on a super nickname on 44 meters. This new line uses B01 sports. used watches for sale

It is new to us, and exciting is a 4-year calendar model with B19 sports. This movement is half of the calendar and permanent calendar. The calendar is first shown by Chardi. It takes more than 5035 in 1996. Although the permanent calendar is classical complications and takes into account the leap year. These are running in a period of 4 years, recognizing the leap year, and from February 29 to March 1st. In the case of user intervention, February 28 to March 1st to March 1st. When the Gregorian calendar is skipped, most of them only need to be adjusted once, although an exception occurred once every 400 years. The new cenique 4 years calendar does not consider the leap year, and needs to adjust each leap year, the span is 1,461 days. It is only annual cycle from February 28th to March 1 1. Therefore, users need to enter from February 28 to 29 days to 29 days to 29th and then on March 1. This is very interesting to see how this works, because adjustment needs to add a day to February, each leap year. As we wrote, we haven’t seen the online demonstration, and there is no watch. But we will update it when we have. The Web Presentation is the simultaneous implementation of this new version of the embargo lift.

New Breitling Years Lead Super Chromat
Super Chromat, Breitling so far, the most brave chromat, is the final choice for those who want to aim a balance between rugged and fashion.

Breitling super chronomat b01 44 ref. AB0136161C1S1
The inspiration comes from Bayres Tricolori, which is created for the Italian Air Force Aerobics Fleet, Super Chronomat is a supercharged, universal sports watch, which is the elegant at night.

Rigal the original chromat, rider label protects sapphire crystals. Those 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are interchangeable, so the wearer can use them for countdown and counter. With 44 mm box, super Chronomat collection is its most acquaintance.

Breitling Super Chronomat B01 44 is in 18 k red gold Ref. RB0136E31Q1S1
Key new features include stainless steel baffles with ceramic inserts – Chronomat, first-plus Rouleaux inspirated rubber strap or our iconic metal with a butterfly buckle. The new rubber strap adopts the most advanced injection molding technology. Its three different textures – matte, smooth and knitted – look – gives it outstanding depth.

Schmes of three colors.
Super Chronomat B01 44 has three versions. The second is a stainless steel package with blue or black dial and border combination. The third is a rich brown dial and border combination, and the case is 18 K. All functional contrasts with a silver timer counter provided by COSC-certified Breitling Manufacturing Call 01 can provide a power reserve for about 70 hours.

Breitling Super Chronomat B01 44 is in 18 k red gold Ref. RB0136E31Q1S1
This super Chronomat can be 30 meters. For those who want extra things, there is a black dial version with UTC module, embedded in the Rouleaux bracelet. Refer to the universal time coordination, this provides a method of tracking the second time zone, and is a weird Breitling years of spiritual function, which can be traced back to the 1980s.

Because of its name means that super Chronomat 44 four-year calendar has a half-permanent calendar mechanism, you need to adjust once every time you have been adjusted once – or every 1461 days.

Breitling Super Chronomat 44 four years calendar I19320251B1S1
It has two versions: black dial, tonic time, a stainless steel baffle, 18K red gold elements, or blue dial, with tone adjustment timber counter and baffles with tone adjustment timber counters and baffles Red gold, with blue ceramic insert. The watch is tolerate waterproof, which provides power, COSC certified chronograph, date, month, and monthly phase indicator.