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Built for the elements: ZENITH launched the absolute limit series

Zenith continues to push the Blazers’ performance and design limits to the limit. They pioneered their own path and left a mark on time with the all-terrain 1/100 chronograph DEFY EXTREME.

Zenith will adhere to the latest features in the futuristic watchmaking (DEFY) series (DEFY Extreme) to new heights, combining high-level and precision with durability. Zenith goes far beyond the boundaries of the traditional realm, and those who pioneer their own paths on those inaccessible roads can leave their mark. storm. We hope to make DEFY design more futuristic and confident. “Zenith’s designer Sébastien Gobert.

From an aesthetic point of view, DEFY Extreme represents a supercharged DEFY, which highlights the outline and details, and further integrates the overall details: larger 45mm case, sharper lines, more obvious edges and overall outline , Exudes firmness, flexibility and a hobby of opening up new horizons. The design is enhanced by adding components that protect the push rod and screw-in crown. The 200-meter water resistance improves ergonomics and durability, which is an impressive feat for a cutting-edge chronograph with a display back cover. One of the most striking elements of DEFY Extreme is the twelve-sided ring located below the bezel, extending down to the twelve-sided bottom cover.

DEFY Extreme is undoubtedly modern in the choice of proportions, construction, materials and surface treatments. It does inherit some of the distinctive features of the earliest retroist DEFY models in the 1960s (such as A3642), including the angular case and its multiple faces. Bezel. To further highlight its unique bold design, the interaction between the material and its finishes helps to add another aspect of modernity. Matte Titanium and Rose Gold Matte Titanium have a completely matt-treated micro-blasted surface, reminiscent of the whole being subtly and evenly weathered over time. In addition, the titanium metal surface with blue accent is polished, and can be polished, matte and matte metal surface. men watches cheap

The dial of DEFY Extreme has been carefully designed to improve clarity, and at the same time you can clearly see 1/100th of the breakthrough second hand chronograph movement. The timing part of the two escapements is beating at 36’000 VpH. But it beats at 360’000 VpH. Chronograph. The dial is composed of transparent sapphire crystal and uses an oversized and slightly overlapping chronograph to emphasize volume and legibility. The hands and applied hour markers are also oversized and filled with a lot of Super-LumiNova to ensure readability in the darkest conditions. In order to further enhance the hue of the watch and the depth of the movement, the movement is colored by galvanic method to match and complement its robust appearance: black represents matte titanium, black represents polished metal, and blue represents titanium and rose gold .

Because excellent performance under extreme conditions also means adapting to our surroundings, each DEFY Extreme is equipped with three different straps, which can be quickly replaced: micro-blasted or polished and satin-finished The first product of the Zenith and DEFY series is the Velcro® strap, which can be adjusted easily and precisely during the journey, and its textile material is very suitable for any situation-of course not afraid Get wet. In addition to simple appearance conversion, each option offers different characteristics to provide a different wearing experience, no matter how extreme it is, it can perfectly adapt to its surrounding environment and activities.

Zenith fake has found the most suitable setting for the DEFY Supreme series by becoming the official timekeeper and the founding partner of the new off-road electric racing champion Extreme E (Extreme E). Zenith CEO Julien Tornare shared in this exciting new partnership that “Building a green and sustainable future is at the core of what Zenith is doing today, and it is also our two years The reason for starting the ZENITH IS GREEN program. We are very happy to join Extreme E as its official timekeeping guardian and founding partner. There is no doubt that this will be the beginning of the future of extreme off-road racing, while also putting environmental issues at the top Cutting-edge, this is exciting. When we conceived DEFY Extreme, this is exactly the kind of environment we envisioned: innovation, away from the inaccessible places, and pushing the limits of performance to the limit, where every millisecond is critical Important, every racer can leave his mark.”

DEFY Extreme is not only an extraordinary chronograph that advances the future of watchmaking, it also calls for higher goals and farther goals. A long-lasting tool that can accompany the wearer in the craziest attempts. Defy EXTREME is available in all Zenith points of sale and Zenith e-commerce platforms worldwide.

97.9100.9004 / 02.I001
Absolutely extreme
Stronger, bolder, stronger design
1/100 second of chronograph movement
Exclusive dynamic marker, Chrono hands rotate one circle per second
1 escapement for the watch (36,000 VpH-5 Hz); 1 escapement for the chronograph (360,000 VpH-50Hz)
Certified Astronomical Clock
New interchangeable strap system
Includes 2 belts: 1 rubber with folding buckle and 1 Velcro
Sapphire dial
Screw-in crown