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McLaren and Richard Mille launch the RM 40-01 Speedtail watch

McLaren and fake Richard Mille have just released a watch that matches Speedtail’s unique and futuristic design, the new RM 40-01 Speedtail. In designing this new chronograph, both brands wanted to ensure that it correctly recognized the pioneering Speedtail supercar. As you can see, they clearly succeeded. The first thing that a super sports car should pay attention to is the shape of the case itself, which uses a teardrop shape, similar to the Speedtail. The case is composed of 69 individual parts, and due to the teardrop shape, it is actually wider at 12 o’clock than at 6 o’clock. Therefore, in order to perfect the design, they actually had to create five different prototypes. Another aspect of the new RM 40-01 Speedtail is the crystal, which took a lot of time to perfect. Richard Mille spent 18 months perfecting this crystal with a “triple contour”. As you know, Richard Mille spent a lot of time perfecting watches.

In more detail, the CRMT4 movement of RM 40-01 Speedtail is fixed in place by a grade 5 titanium bridge, bridge screws, base plate and rotor core. The CRMT4 movement also powers the power reserve display, the large date display and the function selector complication, which is the first of the internal Richard Mille tourbillon. In order to further show the relationship with McLaren Speedtail, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) also made the bezel notch consistent with the opening of the hood, and designed a pusher behind the air outlet behind the front wheel of the supercar. And, of course, the case has the Speedtail logo at 6 o’clock. swiss watches brands