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Tag Heuer Carrela Green Special Edition

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Back to the early 2020, a luxurious person has launched one of the most attractive watches in recent years, and Carrera 160 silver version. For this earliest versions of this legendary code table, it has been well combined with modern elements and technical foundations and has undeniable retro charm. This retro schedule returned to the new limited edition this year, this time with a colorful dial, the original dark blue green, with a strong flash. So let’s take a closer look at this new Tag Heuer Carrera Green Special Edition.

At the time of launch, Carrera’s Ideological Bank Limited Edition brought back to the original 1960s version of the original 1960s version of Flair through a modern manner. After the birth of the legendary Karela Paman race in 1963, Carrera is one of Jackhawles’s first creation. Cleaning, focus, elegant design, its design has one of the luxury column series, which is designed with signature application indicators and protagonist. In addition to the contemporary version of the brand, such as Carrera Sport 44mm and Carrera 42mm, the brand is another, more loyal and retro version of the version, but only reserves the limited edition model, so as the silver version and Montreal.

Focusing on the same base with these two watches, the luxurious teacher launched a new limited model today, this time, with a more original color, but still with fashion, the simplest original appearance, and very good Case. Over the past few years.

Therefore, this new label Tag Heuer Carrera Green has a clean and relatively compact housing that can be 39mm in diameter. It also designs as much as possible close to the original concept, a fully polished steel surface, a thin flat baffle frame frame shape sapphire crystal, a straight shell belt, and a series of marked surface lugs. However, modern is, it is relatively thick, approximately 15 mm. The right side is equipped with a traditional pump trick and a non-protected crown – all of which have created a delicate sporty appearance, which seems to be the logo of the original Carreras.

This year, the new is the dial, its color is accurate. The entire design is like this, aiming to approach the spirit of the early model, with a stylish style of 2447. This means there is no dial of the artery, there is no date, no modern application logo … is only indispensable. Sober tricompax dials show only time and chronographs, all elements are made of simple and easy-to-read elements. The watch uses the pairing standards and hands of rhodium plating and polishing surface, while simple “Bee Monkey” logo and “Carrela” are found at 12 o’clock.

To this end 2021, the hotel has chosen a surprising color, named Teal, with blue-green tone. Fresh and creative, but relatively subtle under most conditions, it is paired with the sun brushed mode, making the color more active in the sun. Sub-dial snails are detached from the remainder of the dial. The watch is worn on a classic (or possibly) black crocodile belt on steel folding eye with security buttons.Wholesale cheap watches

Under sapphire cases, it is a classic internal Heroes 02 sport. Modern integrated architecture, which has a column wheel and a vertical clutch. This action, most of the high-end timelines of most brands are rugged, providing 80 hours of extended power reserves. Through employees, it shows black oscillation weight and a blank touch on the inscription and column wheel.

Technical Specifications – Tag Heuer Carrera Green Special Edition

Case: 39mm diameter X. 15mm height – stainless steel housing, polishing – Dome Blue Gem Crystal, Double Aluminum Coating – Sapphire Case – 100m Waterproof
Dial-up: Colorful Color (Blue-Green) Sunshine Bridge Dish, Snail Small Dial, Polished and Plated Hands and Beige Super Subsida Index
Exercise: Deluxe Calliac 02, Interior – Integrated Auto Time Instrument, Pillar Wheel and Vertical Clutch – 28,800 Vibration / Hours – 80H Power Reserve – 33 Jewelry – 31MM – Hours, Minutes, Mini, Time Code, 12 hours and 30 – Minute counter
Tablet: black crocodile ribbon, polished steel fold buckle with safety button
Reference: CBK221F.FC6479.