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Skeleton Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

Geneva artisan “Pearl Project”-Skeleton Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

The absolute sign of custom watchmaking.

Today’s high-end watch fans are increasingly pursuing unique products; watching watches that no one owns and reflects their personality. Some brands provide customized watches, but companies specializing in watch customization services are a way of proprietary and personalization. There are only a handful of such companies, but the Geneva Craftsman Association belongs to its own alliance​​. This independent workshop does not produce or sell watches, but is commissioned by customers to transform their watches. The real Geneva craftsmen are on the map because of their expertise and method of creating something truly unique. Most players usually provide blackened versions of Rolex timepieces, while Geneva craftsmen took a few steps. Rolex Daytona hollow hand-wound Blausée is a model of its method and function. One of the latest commissions is even more surprising… A client commissioned the company to reinterpret the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Absolute Sign!

Note: Artisans de Genève is an independent company specializing in the personalization of watches. Geneva artisans are not affiliated with copy PATEK PHILIPPE SA, nor are they authorized to interfere with their products for any reason. Customers who own Patek Philippe® timepieces have ordered this personalized product for their private use.

Patek Philippe Nautilus almost needs no introduction (for more information on the history of this model, click here). Patek launched this luxury sports watch in 1976. The original model 3700, nicknamed Jumbo, was discontinued in 1990, and its direct descendant model 5711 was launched in 2006. Watches on the market today. Does it make sense to convert 5711? Although opinions on this issue will certainly be different, one thing is clear, the way in which Geneva craftsmen have personalized this Patek Philippe icon is impressive.

The idea here is not to change some components, but to create a unique skeleton version of 5711. This customization work means recreating the external components of the watch (cheap for people who are eager to establish a French watchmaking vocabulary), and even the movement has been completely transformed.

The case is equipped with a forged carbon fiber bezel, signed by a Geneva craftsman, and the case now has specific engravings. To reveal the movement, the dial is completely hollowed out and beveled by hand. Matte matte satin finish. Rose gold markers enhance the subtle color contrast. Novices are specially designed for this project to ensure the best match with the movement. These are hand-carved, beveled and satin-finished. Patek Philippe Nautilus copy

The movement itself is a place to participate in more substantive work. The skeletonized PP 26-330 movement not only needs to be disassembled, carved metal and re-decorated some parts, but also needs more work. The Geneva craftsmen mentioned that it took them three years to realize this design. Each piece is hand-decorated with top decorations. For example, it is possible to perform mirror polishing on the hollow balance bridge, which is commendable. The overall anthracite treatment gives the movement an absolutely modern appearance. Finally, turn the gold rotor into a hollow and cut corners by hand.

Overall, this customization process gives the copy watch a distinctly modern and technical appearance. Naturally, many Patek Philippe fans will think this is inappropriate, Nautilus is perfect and does not require touch-up paint. But the way to achieve personalization to fulfill the wishes of private collectors is impressive.