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Ulysse Nardin Blast watch

Ulysse Nardin Blast watch, technical director Jean-Christophe Sabatier explained (plus a lot of diamonds) The Ulysse Nardin brand, headquartered in Le Locle, Switzerland, hopes to be better appreciated for its expertise-this message is clearly conveyed in the 2020 Ulysse Nardin Blast flying tourbillon wearable daily luxury watch series. The brand makes sense. In addition to having a long history of producing high-precision marine astronomical watches, the brand’s revival began in the 1980s under the active leadership of Rolf Schnyder. He made the modern Ulysse Nardin laboratory a laboratory of new ideas, while also praising the art of the past.

Although Mr. Schnyder is no longer with us and fake Ulysse Nardin is no longer an independent owner, the strong spirit of innovation and the tendency to listen closely to the market still exist. The Blast series is completely designed by the case, dial and movement, aiming to flow harmoniously together. In this article, I will refer to the details of the interview I conducted with Mr. Jean-Christophe Sabatier, Technical Director of Ulysse Nardin. Over the years, Mr. Sabatière and I have had many conversations. He comes from the automotive industry and has been a key part of Ulysse Nardin’s ability to develop new mechanical products in the past few years.

Mr. Sabatier can best praise his thoughtful approach to answering questions, and his lack of binding force in applying the clever experience learned in other industries to the development and manufacture of mechanical watches. Visually, the watch you see in the image is Ulysse Nardin’s special “high jewelry” version of Blast: decorated with diamonds. This table is called the reference number 1720-400BLE-3A/01 or 1720-400BLE-3A/00 Ulysse Nardin Sparkling Blast. A total of 211 diamonds (13 carats of diamond weight) are covered on the case. The 45mm wide case is made of 18k white gold. The special diamond setting style is completed with a more organic “crack mirror” style. This style is extremely masculine and unique in the market.

The heart of the Ulysse Nardin Blast watch is all these diamonds. Where did it come from? From a product point of view, Blast is an expansion and evolution of Ulysse Nardin’s larger Executive series, although Blast can exist independently in many ways. From a marketing point of view, Blast is Ulysse Nardin’s answer. It answers what most active luxury timepiece wearers want to wear on their wrists.

Ulysse Nardin (Ulysse Nardin) is full of challenges in explaining how Blast adapts to the market, perhaps because people don’t know how to elegantly explain how products are formed. In essence, the birth of Blast is a series of answers to the following questions: “How do we avoid making watches that collectors don’t like?” Blast is Ulysse Nardin who wants to make a watch that is not too heavy on the wrist (very light) , Not difficult to read, and the result of a watch whose movement seems inconsistent with clumsiness. The design of the case does not feel uncomfortable on the wrist after just a few hours of wearing; I cannot enjoy it without an expensive movement; it does not feel disconnected from modern fashion and culture; and it does not feel like public Luxury goods that are overpriced. Ulysse Nardin has done an admirable job avoiding many common pitfalls that watch collectors don’t like.

The downside is that there is no very sexy way to explain the origin story of “Blast”. The good thing is that Blast successfully completed the task and did a good job in many aspects, mainly because it did not irritate consumers in the process. According to Mr. Sabatier, the most challenging part of the Blast project is putting different design and engineering teams on the same page. It is not that they disagree, but that the person who traditionally designs the movement never talks to the person who designs the case. In order for the Blast concept to work, the case, dial, movement, hands and strap need to be harmoniously integrated. In order to achieve this goal, Jean-Christophe needs to create an overall task that is acceptable to all design teams.

For him, it is crucial that the parts of the watch look like an aesthetic extension of each other. I call this design the full name. This is very valuable in the automotive industry, and Sabatier is likely to benefit from it. Today, when the case, dial and movement seem to be visually fused together, this is usually accidental. For the Blast watch family, this is no accident.

Visually, explosions are not for everyone, and Ulysse Nardin is aware of this. Objectively speaking, whether you like Blast or not, Blast is a good watch. Compared with most competing products, the ergonomic case structure, one-piece strap and novel strap expander closure system together bring an excellent wrist wearing experience.

The movement inside the watch is the feature that Jean-Christophe is most proud of. Visually, it uses a natural and open design, with Ulysse Nardin’s current “X theme” visual architecture in the middle. The UN-172 caliber developed by the team is not only visually attractive, but also has excellent performance. When asked what the buyer’s pursuit of the watch experience is, Mr. Sabatier did not say anything. He made it clear that a visually stunning dial display is absolutely necessary. In order to attract the minds and wrists of such important watch consumers under 40, Ulysse Nardin needs to make the dial and visual effects absolutely perfect.

Therefore, the design of modern watches is not only related to materials or specific aesthetics, but also to celebrate the rich experience of having high-end mechanical watches. It’s not just design or branding. More precisely, this is the comprehensive information provided by the overall technical, structural and aesthetic advantages of the watch, which can create an excellent wearing experience. Again, compared with the experience of wearing a watch, there is much more about the background knowledge of wearing the watch itself (although this can help some experiences), which is very important for many emerging watch consumers today.

Consumers should appreciate fake Ulysse Nardin‘s level of investment in the Blast collection. Nowadays, there is rarely so much energy devoted to the development of niche men’s luxury timepieces. But then again, Ulysse Nadin is a brand managed by engineers (e.g. Jean-Christophe Sabatier and his team) and builds “ubiquitous” at prices lower than oligarchs. The promise of “tourbillon” proved to be an imminent challenge.