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RICHARD MILLE RM 53-01 tourbillon watch

The extraordinary achievement of “passion collision” tasting RICHARD MILLE RM53-01 tourbillon watch

As we all know, collisions and vibrations are “natural enemies” that mechanical timepieces cannot ignore. The lighter ones will affect the overall appearance, and the heavy ones will be returned to the factory for overhaul, which takes time and effort. Not to mention the tourbillon, which is one of the three major complications. A little carelessness will “snap the muscles” and become a waste product. But RICHARD MILLE, who was born against the bones, did not believe in this evil. At the annual Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon, he and Pablo Mac Donough, one of the best polo players recognized in the world, jointly created a model called “RM 53-01 PABLO MAC DONOUGH” tourbillon watch, this watch not only has a sporty and energetic appearance, but also equipped with a solid TPT® carbon fiber case, unparalleled laminated sapphire crystal mirror and fixed movement The suspended steel cable effectively reduces the impact of huge impacts and accidental collisions on the watch. It can be called one of the most “anti-manufactured” luxury sports watches in the world. The watch enthusiasts who came to watch the exhibition left a deep impression. Now, let’s take a closer look together: (watch model: RM 53-01)

As one of the greatest polo champions, Pablo’s image of wearing a watch all the way is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. But in his career, incidents plagued by watch damage and fragmentation have occurred from time to time, so he also urgently needs a pair that can withstand the various impacts of the polo game, while allowing the inner movement to operate clearly. Visible excellent watch. How to deal with the violent impact of the competition has always been a topic of research and exploration in the fine watch industry for many years. As a pioneer brand specializing in technological innovation, RICHARD MILLE focused its research and development on this point. Through unremitting exploration and experimentation, it finally created this RM that is as strong as a protective gear and can show the exquisite movement at the same time. 53-01 watch.

Drawing inspiration from the current practice in the automotive field, a laminated sapphire crystal mirror surface was created, which contains two layers of sapphire crystal material, separated by a thin layer of polyethylene film in the middle. The newly developed watch mirror has a strong hardness. Even if it is subjected to a severe impact, the mirror surface of the watch will only show cracks, and will not break and splash the internal movement and the wearer. In addition, the watch mirror is also equipped with anti-glare and UV-resistant UV coating to protect the movement from the external environment. It is an exclusive technology protected by the brand.

TPT® carbon fiber case

Like many classic timepieces of the brand, the new watch has a fully recognizable barrel shape. It also incorporates TPT® carbon fiber, which is extremely strong and is recognized as an excellent composite material in the world. In addition, the TPT® carbon fiber material has corrugated luster and unique lines, which can ensure the hardness of the watch while adding ornamentation to the watch. The watch has a diameter of 44.50 x 49.94 mm and a thickness of 16.15 mm.

Suspended movement
Those who are familiar with copy RICHARD MILLE’s design of this watch are no strangers to it, and there are precedents in the classic watches in the past. The movement consists of two parts. The outer ring is fixed by steel cables and pulleys, and the inside is composed of a tourbillon movement. It is realized by 10 pulleys and 4 tensioning wheels attached to the edge bottom plate and on both sides of the main bridge. The tension of these cables. After tightening, the pulleys on the outer ring are evenly stressed to ensure the balance of the movement inside the watch, which can minimize damage to the movement due to accidental collisions and effectively protect the safety of the internal tourbillon.

The case is fixed with 20 grade 5 titanium alloy spline screws and 316L stainless steel washers. In addition, the torque limiting crown can avoid excessive winding, causing damage to the winding stem or excessive pressure on the barrel spring, showing full safety.

The upper hollow disc is made of titanium alloy, and the surrounding hour markers have blue fluorescent markers, which contrast with the blue fluorescent markers on the hour and minute hands in the middle. It is very convenient to observe the time even in a dark luxury watches

You can also get a glimpse of the movement through the back cover. Equipped with RM53-01 manual winding movement, it has a power reserve of 70 hours. Can withstand shocks up to 5,000g.

Equipped with a sky blue rubber strap, decorated with blue stitching, it is very sporty and has a superior texture.

I still remember that RICHARD MILLE in SIHH launched the world’s lightest McLaren watch last year. This year, the brand once again adheres to the pioneering watchmaking philosophy and brings us another truly sturdy and durable RM53-01 PABLO MAC DONOUGH tourbillon. Wristwatch, it makes people sigh the infinite possibilities of mechanical timepiece.