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From tourbillon to double tourbillon

After the Breguet-style tourbillon was invented, it was not a constant layer, such as the application of advanced silicon balance springs, or the innovation to a higher level, like the double tourbillon.

Breguet Classique Classic Series 5345 Double Rotating Tourbillon Clock Embankment Watch

The double tourbillon, as the name suggests, uses two tourbillon devices in the same watch. The visual effect of the double tourbillon device is really cool, which is somewhat of a “show off” meaning. Breguet’s first dual-rotating tourbillon watch appeared in 2006. Not long ago, this watch was still auctioned and is still at the million level. You see, more than a decade has passed, and the value of Breguet is still very strong. If you just say that Breguet’s tourbillon is very good, you may not believe it, but its value can be proved.

In September, Breguet launched the Classique Classic Series 5345 Double Rotating Tourbillon Embankment Watch. Compared with the previous models, it has a hollow design that exposes the movement and is more enjoyable.

The watch embankment in the name of the watch, as we have also mentioned above, is the location of the watchmaking workshop founded by Mr. Breguet in 1775.

Double tourbillons are made by other brands, but Breguet’s double-rotating tourbillons are more difficult. The dual-rotating tourbillon and the hour hand “combine into one”. The two tourbillons are independent of each other and are driven by their respective barrels, which rotate once per minute; while the movement revolves around the axis at a rhythm of one revolution every 12 hours; In other words, while the tourbillon rotates, it also revolves around the central axis. The hour hand is actually the bridge of the tourbillon, driven by the tourbillon, it also rotates around the axis and indicates the time.

Breguet replica fully revealed the 588N manual winding movement of this watch. The letter B is engraved on the two barrel splints, and the entire movement visually presents a symmetrical layout.

On the back of the watch, the craftsman engraved the architectural façade pattern of the Breguet Workshop No. 39 of the Paris Watch Embankment. It is not easy to engrave the gold material by hand, not to mention such delicate and subtle patterns. Thinking about it this way, going back and looking at it, you will understand why in many literary works, when you think of an excellent timepiece, you will definitely write Breguet.

A generation of legendary inventions, the wisdom of a generation of masters. If you can go back in time and have the opportunity to take a walk on the Embankment in Paris, you must see Breguet’s unparalleled watchmaking style. online shop for watch