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Drake’s roulette wheel watch is a fashionable gamble we can fall behind

The newest member of the superstar’s replica watches luxury series was inspired by a game of chance.

The newest member of Drake’s impressive watch series wants to know your lucky number.

The rapper is very familiar with custom clocks, but his new Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino is different-not just because of its price. Inspired by one of the world’s favorite gambling games, this watch displays a fully functional roulette wheel around its complex faces-with alternating red and black color schemes.

The watches inspired by the casino is handmade with a four-arm device. The first is equipped with a spherical ceramic ball, the second is equipped with a three-axis tourbillon, the third is equipped with Roman numerals indicating time, and the fourth is crowned with a 1 carat Jacob-cut white diamond. According to the brand’s official post on Instagram, the gem is flipped every 30 seconds to make the most of its 288 shimmering facets.

The 50 mm case of this watch is forged from 18K rose gold with a sapphire aperture to make the body clearly visible. Thanks to the oscillator in the center of the three-axis tourbillon, every element can run continuously. In this way, all the eye-catching internal structures can be fixed on the luxurious, richly textured crocodile leather strap to create a beautiful display. The proprietary Jacob & Co. manual winding movement can provide a power reserve of 60 hours to withstand the long distance stretch between the windings. Only 88 limited edition designs are produced.

It should not be surprising that it is as eye-catching as a watch. Jacob & Co., headquartered in New York, has built a reputation for imaginative designs that are inspired by anything-even oil pumps. If the well-known Drake likes to push the limits of design, no one will be surprised.

Jacob & Co. just released a crazy timepiece inspired by “Scarface”

It can even play the music in the movie as prompted.

Say hello to your new friend: a super luxury timepiece based on the film “Scarface” by Brian De Palma. It has the right amount of irritation, once put on the wrist, it is expected to become a real stealer.

So, who put this thing together? Jacob & Co.’s superb watchmakers went all out to produce this limited edition timepiece.

The new Opera Scarface is based on the famous Opera series of the brand, integrates a 120-note music box, and emits truly powerful notes. Just press the button at 10 o’clock, and the clock will start playing the “Bolivia” theme from the 1983 American crime drama, and the entire dial rotates 120 degrees. In all these dramas, thanks to the patented differential system, the time display always remains at the correct 12/6 position.

More film references can be found under the dome and anti-reflective sapphire crystal case. There is an 18K gold, black lacquered piano. Of course, the keys will move when the music is playing; there is also a striking red Scarface nameplate with the figure of Tony Montana engraved on it.

The watch is powered by the Jacob & Co. trademark three-axis tourbillon movement, which is wrapped in an 18K rose gold violin-shaped crank on the side. The tourbillon of the movement rotates on one axis for 24 seconds, on the second axis for 8 seconds, and on the third axis for 72 seconds. In the middle of the movement is an 18K rose gold “The world is your” globe, which is similar to the mirror found in the entrance hall of Tony Montana’s Miami Building.

Since the power reserve of the movement and the music box are separated, the High Quality Replica watches can run for 42 hours continuously, and the music box can be played 3 times without having to wind it up again. The watch is available in black DLC titanium or 18K rose gold, the latter complementing the gold elements on the dial.