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Girard-Perregaux Free Bridge & Infinity Editions

Replica Girard Perregaux Bridges Cosmos Infinity Edition 99292-21-652-BA6F watch

On the occasion of the Geneva Watch Festival, copy Girard-Perregaux (Girard-Perregaux) displayed the new Free Bridge model and “capsule” series, including special editions of its existing models.

In January 2020, I was invited to give a speech at Girard-Perregaux headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Patrick Pruniaux (Girard-Perregaux and You Lixi Nadine (CEO of Ulysse Nardin) hinted at Girard Perregaux’s sailing route. The company’s heritage is impressive, but it absolutely needs fresh air. At that time, we not only saw the manufacturing process and novelty, but he and his team provided us with information on how the brand can maintain its value and know-how while maintaining the latest value and consistency with the brand’s product line. Overview. Simultaneously.

Free Bridge and Free Bridge Infinity Edition

The new watches are a model of the aforementioned philosophy. They respect the legendary Three Bridges of Girard-Perregaux in 1867, but these watches are extremely modern.

Patrick Pruniaux explained: “Girard-Perregaux is known for its Swiss-made superior quality and innovative timepieces. “With these models, our senior watchmakers reimagined the company’s famous Bridges, which first appeared. In the 1860s. The design of Free Bridge and Free Bridge Infinity Edition has been improved for today and beyond. In addition, the style of each model is breathtaking, and despite the use of two reference numbers, these watches are still relatively easy to use. ‘

I tried the steel free bridge. The 44mm case is definitely not my size, but it is still a cool watch anyway. It has a satin-finished and hand-beveled hour bridge to visually display the starting bar and the balance wheel of the balance wheel. An interesting contrast appears on the model: the straight lines of the hour bridge and the arches of the case, the hub and other components reflect each other, just like the colors from white to black and the finish of various surfaces. The color and fabric structure of the strap complete the look.

Inside the Free Bridge is the reinterpreted GP01800 internal movement with silicon escapement and balance wheel parts. Silicon is not easily corroded, is not affected by temperature changes, is light in weight and is not easily affected by magnetic fields. Similar to Ulysse Nardin, Girard-Perregaux is also at the forefront of silicon use – they demonstrated the Constant Escape escapement in a test piece in 2008 (ultra-thin silicon blades bend forward and backward to provide the escapement Uniform energy supply).

Replica Girard Perregaux FREE BRIDGE 82000-11-631-FA6A watch

The Free Bridge Infinity Edition is made of steel, but the surface is coated with a dark DLC coating and contains rose gold details. Despite the limited release of Infinity Edition, Free Bridge aims to become the new pillar of the brand’s Bridges series, and to become the “entry” of the high-end watch industry.

Unlimited edition

The latest edition includes a “capsule series” including Laureato, 1966, 1945, Universe and the aforementioned Free Bridges timepiece. Infinity Edition watches follow some common design specifications: polished black onyx dial and some rose gold decorations (such as hour markers, logo or small needle thread on the strap).

For the diamond-encrusted Laureato Infinity 38mm and 42mm options, Girard-Perregaux (Girard-Perregaux) announced an exclusive distribution agreement with the famous German retailer Wempe for a period of two months at selected sales points in Germany and its flagship store in New York And London, starting in September 2020.

The flagship product of the Infinity series is the Cosmos Infinity Edition, which is an evolution of the Cosmos released in 2019; this edition is limited to eight pieces. Cosmos Infinity emphasizes the value of the company’s haute horology-it is equipped with a tourbillon with the “Neo Bridge” signature at 6 o’clock, on agate globe at 3 o’clock day and night, and celestial bodies show the zodiac at 9 o’clock. Both globes are made of polished y agate and hand-decorated in pinkish rose gold.

Liberty Bridge

One of the most iconic movements in the watch classics is the three-bridge tourbillon by Girard-Perregaux. This movement was first manufactured in a pocket watch tourbillon in 1860 and is a masterpiece combining form and function. The unique blueprint of the movement architecture is as follows: three bridges are arranged horizontally, each of which is precisely symmetrical in length and width; the top bridge holds the barrel, the middle bridge carries the cannon pinion, and the last bridge at the bottom supports the tourbillon. Between the bridges, energy is transferred very clearly to the third wheel (this wheel is located in the center of the watch below the pointer)-meshes with the small gear of the tourbillon cage to drive the escape wheel around the fixed fourth wheel-logic miracle. The gear train is arranged on a perfect vertical axis, which makes the system more beautiful, so you can clearly see how energy is transferred to the tourbillon and balance wheel. Observing this amazing miniature, you can see the entire history of mechanical timekeeping.

Although the three-bridge tourbillon has always been one of the most durable and attractive movements in Girard-Perregaux’s armory, it has also become a canvas of expression. Laureato is made of a sapphire bridge and has since established a fan base, including famous collectors such as Auro Montanari, also known as John Goldberger. (Montanari has purchased a watch that formerly belonged to the famous retailer Laurent Picciotto.) In February 2020, the most amazing movement of the three-bridge movement was revealed in the form of Quasar Light, which combines a completely transparent sapphire case with three Two sapphire bridges combined. . The stunning sapphire bridge in this watch follows the form of the new bridge, transforming the three-bridge architecture into a masterpiece of curvilinear modernism. Pruniaux said: “For some time, we have been thinking about how to apply the Neo Bridge to watches that are easier to use than the tourbillon, while being extremely innovative and visually exciting. The result is our new free bridge. “

The new Free Bridge uses three-quarter dials. The top of the dial is determined by the hollow case, a part of the case is held by a V-shaped bridge, and the case is a part and fixed with rubies. The cool thing about this barrel is that you can know the wind direction of the best watch by looking at the barrel and observing the mainspring. A second bridge is also integrated in the dial to support the cannon pinion and hands. Then, slightly below the bridge on the left is the seconds wheel, which drives the blue silicon escape wheel, which is also mounted on another small bridge. This escape wheel interacts with a silicon anchor, which drives a huge proprietary balance wheel, which is fixed to a single Neo bridge that traverses the width of the dial in an open place at six o’clock. The balance wheel itself is shaped like a bridge and is made of silicon. It bounces freely and adjusts with opposing weights. It should be noted that Girard Perregaux (and its sister brand Ulysse Nardin) benefited from the expertise of Sigatech, which specializes in manufacturing incredible silicon parts, including proprietary escapements.

Girard-Perregaux’s own reputation in silicon technology originates from the “perpetual escapement”. The buckle of this device is loaded by a spring buckle and a spring to provide power for each thrust of the balance wheel, making the The watch is completely unaffected by the variable torque of the mainspring. In the impressive new Free Bridge, silicon technology is once again used to create an innovative visual dynamic feast for the oscillator. Pruniaux said: “Free Bridge hinted at the design of the three bridges, but it also brought its own design language and established our position as one of the silicon innovation leaders. We believe that the final watch perfectly expresses Girard Perregaux ( Girard-Perregaux) pursues excellence in continuous clock performance to change spirit.”

The Free Bridge movement is self-winding and beats at a frequency of 4 Hz. There will be two versions: one is steel, the other is DLC-treated steel, with agate dial and Infinity version rose gold hands. The diameter of the price fake watch is 44 mm.