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HYT Skull Pocket Watch

HYT Skull Green Eye 151-TD-41-GF-AB Replica Watch

HYT Skull Green Eye 151-TD-41-GF-AB Replica Watch

SERIES:HYT Skull Watches
MOVEMENT:Mechanical Manual
Functions:Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Power Reserve
Case:Black DLC titanium with brushed, micro-blasted and polished finishes
Crystal:Cambered Sapphire Crystal
Dial Color:Unstructured, fluid hours, black hour dial, grey anthracite indices and grey numerals, seconds dial (left eye), power reserve indicator (right eye)
Bracelet Strap:Black leather alligator
Clasp Type:Titanium Pin Buckle

The marveling comic villain is looking for a dramatic statement to measure the countdown to interplanetary destruction and will be pleased to learn about the newly released HYT Skull pocket watch – a wild interpretation of the humble pocket fake watch price, whose inventor, watchmaker Peter Henlein will be Come out one after another. His tomb in Nuremberg.

The co-founder of HYT Vincent Perriard called Skull Pocket “groundbreaking” and “unexpected” in a self-congratulating way. But he is not completely wrong. This highly “interpretative” pocket watch is characterized by the faceted skull center of the Swiss watchmaker, combining HYT’s iconic fluid-based timing technology with a self-powered mechanical light source, bringing sinisterness to the traditional watchmaking industry And an absurd turn. Is it innovative? This is not entirely true, especially when compared to previous HYT wrist-worn products with the same iconic skull pattern, such as Skull Bad Boy. But is it evil? so happy

Before getting into the actual functions of Skull pocket watches, we should quickly take a look at the special features of HYT products. The core of each product is a hand-cranked mechanical movement developed by HYT (the inner tank can be seen through the sapphire glass back of the watch), which vibrates at a traditional 28,800Vph (4Hz) and has 65 hours of power store.

However, this backward movement does not drive a traditional mobile phone, but uses a bellows-like mechanism to push the green liquid through the capillary around the skull and indicate the time through the corresponding luminous numbers in the outer ring. Like other HYT Skull watches, the slow-moving liquid only indicates the number of hours on the HYT Skull Pocket-after all, it is useless for the countdown revelation plan.

However, Skull Pocket also has an interesting feature: a fully mechanized LED lighting system that can run without batteries, just like we saw in HYT H4. Of course, this is not a revolutionary technology in itself, but it is certain in the field of high-end watches. More than 80 highly miniaturized components include generators for LED lights and power storage devices, which are specially designed to fit into the 59mm curved case of a watch. After the generator is powered on, the button is activated at 4:30, the two LEDs are positioned at 6:00, and the skull is immersed in the eerie blue light-the effect lasts for a full five seconds, after which the generator needs to turn the same crown at 4:30 Can be charged manually.

HYT did not reverse engineer the existing case. Instead, it designed a new case for the HYT skull pocket watch. Instead, it chose DLC-coated titanium, which is both concealed and lightweight, but the size and size of the design Certainty allows.

The only design hint of the HYT Skull Pocket may be reminiscent of a traditional pocket replica watch Online , its cover (and a chain, but we will talk about it later) – the “rider” hinged at 12:00 at 6:00 after being released by the bump Tab. Speaking of the above, if your evil plan actually includes carrying this item with you, the skull pocket is decorated with faceted titanium chains-a real metal “spine” that can be easily attached to its owner’s rebel costume or King Kong exoskeleton-assuming There is a pocket that can be hidden inside.

The HYT skull pocket is very limited with only eight pieces, and you not only need exquisite costumes and dreams of world domination, but also super villain’s funds to add one to your collection.

HYT Technologies Part 1: Project creation and launch The hydraulic mechanical watchmaker came up with an unimaginable idea: the use of liquid in a mechanical watch to display time. In terms of design and production, this is a huge challenge.

Let us return to the human watchmaking and scientific adventure. HYT is the buzzword of the 2012 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair. The promised achievements of anti-traditionalists attracted all participants. Therefore, the story can easily begin with the famous story: “I have a dream…”. Come to think of it, when Lucien Vuillamoz proposed the idea of ​​designing a water meter in 2002, his idea was far from feasible and more fictional than reality. Therefore, its actual design and production are in turn a real challenge.