Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT

With a little help from Ferrari, rethink the classic fusion.

The new Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT is designed in collaboration with Ferrari’s Centro Stile (the brand’s internal design team), which is significantly different from the sharp corners and structural design common to most Hublot watches fake. Designed by the same person behind the jaw-dropping Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2, the Ferrari GT is curved and a bit strange. In my opinion, this is a rare example of successful design that overlaps with elements in cars and watches. The Ferrari GT is equipped with titanium, king gold and a special polymer-based composite material called 3-D carbon. It is 45 mm wide and uses Hublot’s internal UNICO HUB1280 flyback chronograph movement.

On the wrist, it sits low, feels good, and even looks better. The action of the chronograph is very cute, the titanium has a soft appearance and a lightweight appearance, which is actually only challenged by the harder appearance of the 3-D Carbon model. It is very different from the standard design language of classic fusion, including titanium models and 3-D Carbon and gold versions. Although praising Hublot’s Ferrari watches are out of date, it’s unbelievable that the team behind the incredible SP2 can create beautiful looking Ferrari-style watches, which I am not surprised.

Thanks in large part to the protruding dish-shaped case profile, the Ferrari GT wears much less than suggested by the size, and the hooded ears and oversized screw-in crown highlight the smooth and smooth edges of the case. Although it is undoubtedly crazy watchmaking and bold attempts in terms of watchmaking, Mr. Lin is not a fan of most Hublot watches, let alone anything in the Lali series. In other words, I like Ferrari GT very much, it is definitely one of my favorite watches at Baselworld 2019.

Hublot Classic Fusion Watch

In 2010, Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot launched the most elegant and exquisite product Hublot Classic Fusion to date. Inspired by the original Hublot timepieces in the 1980s, the Hublot Classic Fusion series resonates with classic Hublot elements. These include the iconic “H” molded screw on the bezel and the metal link on the strap.

Unlike most luxury watches, Hublot Classic Fusion does not shine in design power. But the appearance of these watches is absolutely eye-catching, enough to encourage people to ask: “Is that Hublot?”

Hublot Classic Fusion has advanced technology and has enjoyed a series of innovations after inheriting its legacy.

The age of titanium
Its initial version witnessed the classic fusion of titanium, ceramics and golden king. Each watch comes with a colorful leather strap or gold-plated bracelet. Each variant brings you pure elegance just by its composure and confidence in the design.

Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium, Ceramic and King Gold watches are made of 45mm, 42mm, 38mm and 33mm cases, respectively, and are stylish. The classic fusion titanium is designed with eye-catching colors, which is deeply loved by Hublot fans. The satin-like dial with hand-polished metal markers and titanium bezel has gradually become a classic Hublot logo.

The transparent back cover highlights the function of the HUB 1143 self-winding chronograph movement, which provides a 42-hour power reserve. Especially Titanium watches, whose color matches the color of the dial, are equipped with colored rubber or alligator straps.

Replica Hublot 526.NX.0124.VR Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Titanium watch

Hublot Classic Fusion
In order to match the successful response of the classic fusion of titanium, Hublot has introduced titanium, ceramic and gold chronographs. Each one celebrates the built-in stopwatch mechanism.

Then there is Unico, the exclusive trademark of Hublot Chronograph. The new Classic Fusion Unico Chronograph can not only time the equation of the second lap, but also measure multiple uninterrupted laps. This timing function is called flyback. In fact, if you want to further reflect the time of measuring two independent events, Hublot (Hublot) Unico chronograph mechanism can also help you. Isn’t it just pure perfection?

Even better, the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph has nearly 290 complications under the satin-finished color dial, but its style quotient is undiminished. In fact, it is further enlarged into a rubber strap, an alligator strap, a metal (gold) strap and a dial set with diamonds. Titanium diamonds have 129 carefully placed perfect diamonds, while the Pave series is equipped with a diamond-encrusted case and 370 hand-cut diamonds.

In 2013, Hublot’s two successful product lines, Aero Bang and Classic Fusion, merged to launch the Classic Fusion Aero chronograph. This series is available in titanium and gold versions, and has achieved the largest mileage in most previous timepiece series.

The automatic chronograph has an inlaid skeleton dial with a 1155 movement and a 42-hour power reserve. Although the color of the dial is different from the earlier version, the Swiss brand emphasizes gray due to complexity. Perfectly blended, in sharp contrast with the gilded bezel.

Blue moon
Hublot Classic Aero Fusion has witnessed many fans. Therefore, in order to further exert its functions, Hublot has upgraded the popular lunar complexity to Aero Fusion, called Classic Fusion Aerofusion Moonphase.

The hollow sapphire dial is built into a 45mm titanium alloy case. The case features a unique movement, all of which demonstrate a complete calendar function. Unlike most moon phase wholesale watches, Hublot chooses to use the topographical full moon that rotates twice every 29.5 days on the dial to display this mechanism. The openings in the lens glass covering the lunar complications highlight the movement of the two moons, which are unique in the appearance of the dial.

“Give men the right shoes and watches, and see if they have conquered the world.” Obviously, Hublot introduced the Hublot classic fusion chronograph Berluti to enthusiasts at the 2016 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show.

A series launched in collaboration with French shoemakers celebrated Hublot’s heritage of introducing high fashion into its designs. The limited edition series uses a patented Venetian leather dial, decorated with indexes and Hublot logo, with unique innovation. There are only four versions of the Berluti Chronograph, which celebrate the true essence of the word “fusion”. This series of each variant: cold gold, cold brown, Bordeaux and sea blue.

The Swiss watchmaking company drew inspiration from the advanced world of cars and entered the world of Gran Turismo. Its mutually beneficial cooperation with Ferrari began, which pleased luxury watch and car lovers alike.

The classic fusion Ferrari GT has the latest technology of an upgraded Unico chronograph movement, the movement HUB 1280, which is an advanced shock wave in the fields of automobiles and watches. The 45mm dial is reinforced with a titanium open buckle designed by Ferrari. The skeleton dial has a chronograph movement and a split-second function. The series is available in the iconic King Gold case of Carbon, Titan and Hublot.