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BRM replica is a very small company located in Switzerland. They announced 6 new models for the Baselworld this year, 4 of which are the lightest watches in the world, setting a world record. I will introduce them in more depth below. If some of these plastic watches work well, I would be surprised, because having the lightest watch in the world is a novelty in itself, but the disadvantage is that it is made of plastic. It reminds me of Swatch, only they are more expensive. How expensive? I am not sure.


First, we have the lightest power reserve watch in the world. The weight is only 65.82 grams, and the weight will not be reduced much. The case is made of Makrolon, which is just a euphemism for plastic. The case back, crown and lugs are all made of lightweight aluminum Fortal. Unfortunately, there is not much information about it.


Next, we will provide the world’s lightest 44mm automatic watch. The case is made of the same Makrolon, and the lugs are made of the same Fortal. The crown is made of 316L stainless steel, and the crown guard is made of titanium. They removed all unnecessary parts from the watch to ensure that it weighed only 41.8 grams.


Obviously, the watch is more about the theme of racing, with the dial and checkered flag pointer surrounding the “shock absorber”. Like other watches, it uses a Makrolon case and its movement is the same as the V6-44-MK.

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This is the lightest 44mm chronograph in the world. I assume we are talking about mechanical motion. The dial is similar to other dials we have already seen. To make the watch as light as possible, the case is made of plastic. I think choosing plastic will hurt them again.


Now let’s take a look at beautiful watches. The case made of titanium is more than when I thought of a lightweight Fake watches. There is not much to say about this matter. Apart from that, there is nothing else to say. I think we can all notice the “Bay” logo on the dial.