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Graham Chronofighter super large second-generation watch hands-on

Few brands give me as much room for discussion as Graham. I have used Graham replica watches as a springboard for many years, discussing everything from my love of large watches to my disapproval of the term “oversized”-widely used in everything that uses the term “oversized”. I find myself blogging around the pictures of Graham watches, talking about things not related to Graham watches. Oh, Graham, I think we know each other more and more.

Recently, Graham USA sat down with me and we started chatting. I learned a lot from Graham and can get more intimate experiences on the watch. Yes, it sounds reasonable. There is nothing like a steam room with nothing left, only an oversized watch attached to your skin. The latter part may not happen… or it did happen.

The first thing I learned was that Graham is a Swiss watch brand. Others and I seem to think they have a British side. Indeed, the name of the brand comes from George Graham, a British watchmaker who lived in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. There are also works with British racing green, and perhaps other British styles. However, the watch is entirely La Chaux-de-Fonds from Switzerland.

Finally, I learned that most of their non-standard ETA movements are made for them by La Joux Perret. This is not entirely news, but it is interesting because I have been following La Joux Perret closely recently. You may or may not know that Citizen, the Japanese watchmaker, completely acquired La Joux Perret, and as far as I know, I’m not sure how they plan to work with them. If they are brave, they will use La Joux Perret to build a large Swiss watch movement manufacturer to fill the gap where ETA has stopped supplying watch movements and parts. Citizens have fallen behind the movement manufacturer Miyota, which sold the movement to a third party. Anyway, back to Graham. I swear, I really cannot discuss them tangentially! fake watches uk

There are four paragraphs in this article, and I am most concerned about these new second-generation Chronofighter Oversize watches. As shown in the picture, you will see the Black Sahara and K2 versions. There are also three available versions, namely Raptor, Amazonia and Black Forest versions. The two models shown in the figure both use PVD black stainless steel case, but the strap and dial are different. By the way, according to Graham, these are all “wildlife chronographs.” You will see that the names are all related to nature, but isn’t “Raptor” a bit outdated? In addition, I will refer to Black Forest watches as Black Forest Cake watches. why? Because it’s so expensive.

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Comparing the first and second generation Chronofighter Oversize watches, you will find some obvious changes. The first is the trigger system. The trigger system has been cleaned up and now uses a solid hard carbon block. The trigger system of the chronograph is indeed a key element of the series. The way it works is simple.

The chronograph button designed by Graham is located at 10 o’clock and the crown is located at 9 o’clock. The trigger crossed the crown and was pressed at 8 o’clock-although it pressed the pusher in the crown. This trigger is the start and stop button, and the button at 10 o’clock resets the timer. On these wildlife chronographs, Graham chose to remove the 12-hour timer and make them a 30-minute chronograph. This may be because in the wild, the time you want will not exceed 30 minutes. There is also a telemetry scale around the dial of the watch. Such digital tracks almost universally help make the dial look more professional and more like an instrument.high quality replica watches

Also, according to Graham, you can use it to see how far the lightning is from you. Yes, it is ultimately a high-end Swiss mechanical watch for chasing lightning. By the way, while having all the “waterproof” and “anti-that” functions, I am still waiting for the first “lightning protection” watch. Seriously, I am still waiting for the first “lightning protection” watch. Seriously, I am still waiting for the first “lightning protection” watch. Seriously, I need a watch like this, and I hate waiting.

The new chronograph trigger system and its carbon trigger are well done and are smaller than the first generation of triggers I think. I also believe that the watch is lighter overall. Another great new feature is the use of a black ceramic bezel. On these models, the baffle is polished, which of course will cause the baffle surface to be more scratch-resistant. The width of the steel case is 47 mm, and the feel on the wrist is good, not big at all. Above the dial is a domed sapphire crystal covered with AR coating, and the case is waterproof to 100 meters.

These dials are very attractive and really make what a Chronofighter Oversize watch looks like. The dial is visually balanced, and the large pointer and a lot of light are also very clear. Of all the wildlife chronograph models, the black Sahara desert is my favorite, as is the Amazon (similar, but with green instead of beige accents). I also like to use a black date disc behind the small round window.

The Graham Chronofighter Super Wildlife Chronograph comes with a textile strap in various colors. There is nothing like a safari belt to tell you about a safari trip to remind you of the types of tents our ancestors slept in. Inside the watch is the Graham movement G1747 automatic chronograph movement, which is a flipped and improved ETA 7750 base. Overall, this is the wear resistance and characteristics of many interesting watches. Well done, of course I like the whereabouts of (Switzerland) Graham.