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Tudor BLACK BAY FIFTY-EIGHT M79030B-0001 Replica Watch

Brand :Tudor

Model :M79030B-0001


Case material :Stainless steel

Movement :Self winding

Gender :Men

Case size :39 mm

Crystal :Sapphire

Dial colour :Blue

FUNCTIONS :Hours,Minutes,Seconds

The case shape :Round

Bracelet material :Stainless steel

Water resistance :200 m

Year :2020

Power Reserve :70 hours

The bezel and dial of Tudor Black Bay 58 are as plated as they are. The black and gold appearance can be traced back to the 1950s. The dark gold/pink logo, hour-marker outline, hands, bezel mark and observatory certificate are all located on the dark black bed. The 50’s diving watches using this color combination have achieved unlimited success. Why not imitate great men? Tudor realized the value of this tactic and mastered it through this watch.

As the saying goes, you can’t please everyone. The golden highlights of Tudor Black Bay 58 were somewhat closed at launch, calling it too much. Nevertheless, most watch enthusiasts still appreciate the excellent performance of BB58, and the fact that the watch as a whole is very unique should alleviate this feeling. This also helps to distinguish the watch from other Black Bays that do not have the same color combination, which is always a plus. Brands may appear too similar products, which is very dangerous.

This watch has no legibility issues, and the black dial is not a trivial matter. It has a simple appearance and no date or number on the dial, but this only adds to the classic feel. Aluminum frames also increase this quality. Unlike the bright ceramic bezel, the metal bezel on the BB58 has a matte effect and a nostalgic feel. The bezel is very thin, so if your hands are wet or wearing gloves, turning the bezel is not always easy. This is a very common situation when diving, so in these cases it really brings a lot of trouble. This is for aesthetic purposes, so you do get some styles in exchange for less practicality.

This watch hides the movement. Although the movement is still an integral part of the Tudor Black Bay 58 movement, the back cover is sturdy rather than transparent. MT5402 was created by Tudor for this watch. Compared with other Black Bay using MT5602, the watch has a unique size, so Tudor can not choose to use one of its older movements. MT5602 itself has excellent performance, but it is not suitable for BB58.discount watches

Compared with the MT5602’s 31.8 mm, this new movement is more compact with a width of only 26 mm. However, as Shakespeare wrote: “Although he is small, he is fierce.” The MT5402 does not affect any performance, and still provides the wearer with 70 hours of power reserve, 4 Hz balance and COSC observatory certification. Tudor said that the dateless movement will reappear in some of their future watches. One can only imagine what a miraculous new dateless movement created by the Tudor dynasty.

Replica Tudor Black Bay M79230N-0009 Watch

Tudor can create a new movement for this watch, which should be a reward. They could easily go out and find an engine suitable for their new body, but they still decided to make their own. This is a good choice, so the originality in creating small generators like MT5402 should be commended.

Tudor Black Bay No. 58 can be carried with you. It is almost monochrome, so it can be used with any type or color of clothing. Because of its slimness, you can wear it with long sleeves without getting stuck on the cuffs, which is an annoying aspect of larger watches. If you dress it up and use it in a formal environment, it will work well, but it can also be suitable for a casual barbecue with friends on Sunday afternoon at a football game. It also looks good on various belts, including leather, fabric and even rubber. No matter which watch you need, it can take it off. For those who want to buy a versatile watches cheap and may terminate their collection here, they have found Tudor Black Bay 58.

When it comes to their timing, some people will value the timing function. Others just want it to look and feel good, and to keep enough time. For the previous group, the Tudor Black Bay 58 again performed well. The chronograph of this watch is very delicate. If you want, you can time it, and you will find that it takes about one to two seconds faster after a full week. There is no room for improvement in this category. Similarly, for many watch wearers, this does not matter, but for those who stock such items, Tudor Black Bay 58 is their watch.

This watch is very comfortable. But it depends on whether your wrist size is suitable for one of the three adjustment options. As mentioned earlier, the five sizes are better because it fits the larger wrist more accurately. The three are still good and can be done most of the time. But this has not always been the case.

All in all, Tudor Black Bay 58 is a delightful costume. The size and color scheme can be used for multiple purposes, and Tudor clearly recognizes and knows how to manage these balancing behaviors. It should be a welcome addition to any watch series, or it can just be a watch someone decides to splurge on. Tudor dynasty No. 58 Black Bay once again handled the balancing act seamlessly.