Collector Series – with his Urwerk UR-103

We find ourselves in an era where a few independent manufacturers challenge the appearance of watches and how they represent time. URWERK luxury is a manufacturer responsible for this business. The concept of URWERK was first discussed at a meeting between Felix Baumgartner (co-founder and watchmaker) and Martin Frei (co-founder and chief designer) in 1995. Martin Frei is an objectively talented artist and designer. In short, the two young people are united in a different way from our usual way with a common passion for measuring and characterizing time. What happened was a long discussion about philosophy and dreams, and finally decided to establish his own view of time. URWERK was formally established in 1997, and in the same year at the Basel Watch Fair presented their first timepiece to AHCI.

One person, full of passion for independent brands such as URWERK and classic vintage chronographs…oh…and shoes! It is one of the real gentlemen in the industry. This week we will discuss his UR-103. The spectacle of watchmaking, and what you often encounter in the wild is by no means one. We discussed what he thinks will be the future of URWERK, why the Indie brand is so appealing to him, and the first discovery of URWERK at the dinner, which happened to be the dinner of the legendary Max Busser.

I first purchased rose gold 103.3 around 2005. A few years later, when the 103.8 with TiAlN (titanium aluminum nitride) case coating came out, I also bought it. I was fascinated by the hue of the eggplant in the box, especially the sharp crystals. My understanding is that there are less than 10 works produced by this combination. Later, I sold the rose gold model and only retained 103.8.

In fact, the story of my first encounter with 103 was very interesting because I was having dinner with Max Busser-he was still in Harry Winston (Harry Winston) or had just left…but he wore a wristband It looks great, I got one as soon as I got home!

What is URWERK that impressed you?

Today, you will see that many brands have a lot of design hype, but there is no essence of watches, but you should not forget that Urwerk was founded by designers and watchmakers. The two go hand in hand. From the clock, the watch is very complicated. It is remarkable that only the rotating discs or cubes in the UR-210 model interact perfectly.

I must also admit that the team is great, maybe Felix Baumgartner, Martin Frei or even Yacine Sar (not the founder, but the person in charge of communication), they are all really good people, for me, the human approach is almost the same as the clock Content is just as important. With Urwerk, I can do both!

For those (unintelligible) who may not be able to tell how this watch works, can you explain it?

I think the best way is to take a look at one of the many videos that can be found on YouTube, but generally speaking, you will see a rotating dial with hours, and when they are at the bottom of the dial, they actually face Inscription of minutes. It is much easier to read than it sounds.

What attracted you from the UR-103 product range?

What is the attraction of independent watchmaking for you?

It is not all independent clocks, but a few honest and substantive people, not just design. I love the latter because they put their souls on their watches instead of damn attracting large numbers of people. They have a vision, they will apply it. In addition, as I said before, people are equally important, as is contact with the men and women behind the brand.

When did you find yourself strapping UR-103?

Whenever I meet someone from the Urwerk team… (laughs). More seriously, I often wear it, and it looks good even when I wear a suit, so it does not appear on special occasions, only when I miss it and want to wear it.

For those who are not sure, in your mind, what are URWERK doing, these commands determine the price? buying replica watch

The craftsmanship and complexity of their watches is incredible. It is really shocking to have all these moving parts interact and function with such low tolerances! Everyone may think that the tourbillon is complicated, but compared to what these guys are doing, its child play!

What advice would you give to anyone who intends to invest in Indy brand?

If you are considering investing, I would say not to buy! However, there are many independents who can attract different people, and the most important thing is to find an independent who is connected with you in watchmaking, design and philosophy.

What is your opinion on the future of URWERK?

Urwerk has been around for almost 20 years, they have built a good team, but the team is still very young, I think they will continue to surprise us. I am also fortunate to have a glimpse of what is about to happen, which will be very exciting.

Given that you also tend to own a lot of antiques, will UR-103 be placed in your collection?

I don’t see my collection that a particular watch needs to fill a specific gap. I have collected some eclectic antique and modern art, some of which are mainstream watches.

Do you have a watch geek coming to you and asking to touch it?

Some of me know nothing about the mens replica watch and ask me to watch it. They often think that the case opens like a spaceship!

The following three words summarize your UR-103?

Exciting, complex and innovative!