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Introducing Tag Heuer X Fragment Design Tag Heuer Chronograph 02

Cheap Tag Heuer x Fragment Design Calibre Heuer 02 Automatic Chronograph CAZ201A.BA0641 watch

Item Type: Replica x Fragment Design Calibre Heuer 02 Automatic Chronograph Watches
Case Material: Stainless Steel,Round
Model Number: CAZ201A.BA0641
Brand Name: Tag Heuer
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 44 mm
Gender: men
Glass: Sapphire
Dial: Black dial
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Band Material Type: Stainless Steel Strap
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Date,Chronograph
Year: 2020

Fujiwara and classic C-shaped case.

Hiroshi Fujiwara is a highly acclaimed person in the modern streetwear and design world. He is also an old watchman, talking about his collection in the first volume of the “Hodinkee” magazine. Fujiwara’s interest in watches is not limited to collections: he also designed watches. Today, we take a look at the second limited edition collaboration between TAG Heuer and Fujiwara’s multidisciplinary design brand Fragment. Once again, it is a chronograph using the automatic Caliber Heuer 02 movement of TAG Heuer, but unlike his tribute to 2447NT, we hope to see from the late 1960s to the 70s The final Heuer automatic racing chronograph. Only 500 pieces.

The idea is to redesign a retro-style sports watch in an ultra-modern way. I pay particular attention to details, such as the bracelet and the red sapphire back cover, which is one of my favorite features. My goal is to infuse the essence of historic watch design into this contemporary work. I call it the modern vintage.

Many of us have our own concepts of replica swiss watches, and these concepts define the different eras of watch design in the last century. Before we went all out, watches were such a large and basically part of culture that almost everyone wore them. In any given era, there is a lot of diversity in design. For me, the Heuer C-shaped case in the late 1960s and 1970s represented an ideal 1970 representative. The rounded sides and hollowed out lugs seem extraordinary to those who are more familiar with the round Carrera referee. 2447 in the early 1960s. But looking back at today’s oval C-shaped box, they screamed at me in the 70s.

With the advent of the Calibre 11 self-winding movement in 1969, Heuer patted the C-shaped case, although there are also manual-winding cases and even quartz watches. The outline of the C-shaped case is linked to many classic designs: in Autavia in 1163 alone, we have “Joe Seifert”, “Orange Boy” and “Veseroy”. The C-shaped case is also used for automatic Carrera. Who will forget the 18-carat referee. Jack Heuer’s 1158s for Ferrari Formula One drivers during the Ferrari-Heuer collaboration in the 1970s. I will never forget the day when I talked to Mario Andretti about his example.

Fujiwara’s design combines a ceramic tachymeter bezel, a red accent dial and a red sapphire crystal back cover to admire the Calibre Heuer 02 column wheel chronograph with vertical clutch. His design conveys the energy of Heuer’s classic works of the 1970s, but has been modernized. However, if there is a Heuer of the Heuer vintage that I remember the most, it is the referee. 1163V “Viceroy”.

For me, it doesn’t feel as messy as the actual Autavia of the 1970s, and I feel it will be a watch that is easy to own and wear, especially during the day. Its two black embossed small dials match the black dial, and its color comes from the red chronograph hands, the subtle red markings on the dial, and the retro accented hour and minute hands with red accents. In most cases, human eyes watch white on black or red on black, both of which have good visual contrast. Only two sub-dials are used instead of three, and the date is positioned at six o’clock, which forms a well-balanced and symmetrical interface. TAG Heuer reduced the Calibre Heuer 02 chronograph movement from the usual three small dials to two. Indicates that there is no second hand running-only the counter is 30 minutes and 12 hours. Regarding this, I said: What about then? If you want the second hand to run, you can run the chronograph at any time. If there is such an option, I would rather have a twelve hour counter than another second hand.

Cheap Tag Heuer x Fragment Design Calibre Heuer 02 Automatic Chronograph CAZ201A.BA0641 watch

An interesting aspect of the TAG Heuer x Fragment Design Heuer 02 chronograph-and the way it is shown today-is clearly missing Autavia or other TAG Heuer family names. The current Autavia case uses a circular design earlier than the C shape. TAG Heuer did make some C-shaped Autavia at Aughts, but this shape has only recently been associated with the current TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch. Fujiwara’s design is the same as the case of a Formula One car, but a considerable upgrade has been added to the above-mentioned internal column wheel chronograph with vertical clutch. TAG Heuer’s second collaboration with Fragment Design may just be its coolest C-shaped watch since the 1970s.

Tag Heuer x Fragment Design Heuer 02 chronograph. Refer to CAZ201A.BA0641. 44mm brushed fine polished stainless steel case, waterproof to 100 meters. Calibre Heuer 02 column wheel chronograph with vertical clutch, 28,800 volts per hour, 80-hour power reserve. Black opaque dial with embossed chronograph minute and hour accumulations, and date window at six o’clock. Polished, fine brushed, five-row stainless steel bracelet with butterfly folding clasp. Comes with TAG Heuer x Fragment Design brand packaging box.

TAG Heuer x Fragment Design (44mm) Caliber Heuer 02 Automatic Chronograph

TAG Heuer-and the world-known as the godfather of streetwear-Hiroshi Fujiwara will soon launch the second limited timepiece created by watchmakers based in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Fujiwara maintains his second cooperation concept of “less money and more work”, this time using Autavia’s historical number 1163 with a barrel, wine barrel or C-shaped case. TAG Heuer has his last term.

In today’s collector’s circle, 1163 is the most famous 1163 T “Jo Siffert”, named after Swiss Formula One driver Jo Siffert, who is famous for the highly acclaimed Ref panda dial. 1163. Siffert 1163 is a chapter in itself, with Mark 6 listed on Jeff Stein’s Autavia reference table at But let us understand the basis of the 1163-year history.

In 1969, TAG Heuer fake launched caliber 11, one of the self-winding chronograph movements, which is located in Autavia 1163. There are many variations on the dial, as well as changes in the combination of hands and bezel. Caliber 11 eventually evolved into 11-i and 12.

A key feature of Autavia 1163 is its housing, which has a pusher with a groove that cuts into the top of the housing. According to Stein, the dimensions of these cases are known as: “The lateral dimension from the lug to the lug is 42.3 mm, the lug is 47.5 mm, and the thickness is 15.6 mm (from the back of the case to the top of the crystal).” 1163 The crown is always at 9 o’clock and always signed. The lugs have a width of 20 mm and are marked with the reference number “1163” between the lugs.

It can be found that the most widely used 1163 is a variant called “Viceroy”. The Governor came out with a black or white dial. The common point is that the dial itself has red accents, and the hour and minute hands have red dotted lines. Another famous example is the so-called “orange boy”, which is similar to the Governor, but with an orange accent instead of a red accent.

Phillips Watch auctioned an example with the Governor at the Geneva Watch Auction X (No. 162). The catalogue article there reads: “In the early 1970s, Heuer was exploring new ways to increase sales. After listing the brand name as a Ferrari Formula One car, Jack Heuer and Pane The Parnelli Jones-Viceroy racing team seeks more partnerships. The Autavia model is highly sought after and integrated with motor sports. It is found that many Formula One drivers wear this when smoking between two laps. model.”

For more information about the Governor, Stein said: “This version of Autavia was offered at a low discount price in the Governor’s cigarette promotion from May 1972, and the promotion continued until the end of 1972. Even after the Governor’s promotion ended, Heuer continues to produce this model, and dealers provide T (speedometer) or MH (minute/hour) bezels.

Fujiwara was inspired by the TAG Heuer x Fragment Design (44mm) Caliber Heuer 02 automatic winding machine, obviously from 1163 Governor Autavia. He chose to maintain the modern interpretation of the TAG Heuer barrel—essentially a Formula One case, narrower lugs, and polished bevels—thus deviating from the chronograph buttons and crown at 93:00 in 1163 The groove in the clock position. .

The baffle is made of black polished ceramic with a tachymeter scale. Its dial is opaque black, and Fujiwara chose the Governor’s hour marker in 1163, retaining only the red color above (although reduced).

Similarly, he removed the frame around the date window to make the date hole appear to be integrated with the dial. However, the hands on the watch remain as they are, with red tips and bottom stripes on the hour and minute hands, and red on all red seconds in the center. Although it must be said, it is hoped that they will maintain the original second hand shape of the Governor of 1163. Turn the luxury watch over and you will have a modern sapphire caseback with a Fragment logo printed in smoky red to make Calibre Heuer 02 Automatic visible in the movement.

Technical index
Automatic winding Calibre Heuer 02 automatic winding; hours and minutes; column wheel chronograph with central second hand, 30 minutes at 3 o’clock, 12 hours at 9 o’clock; 75 hours power reserve
44mm polished matte steel; ceramic black polished speedometer fixed bezel; water resistant 100m

Polished, fine brushed, five-row steel bracelet, steel butterfly folding clasp and safety button