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An accidental trip by Richard Mille: Andalusia’s Rallye Des Légendes

The prestigious Richard Mille fake Rallye is a meeting place for a few privileged collectors. It is a classic racing event, and its design purpose is speed, not cruising.

They own a “car on the wrist”, borrowing the brand’s famous slogan, but there are also some of the world’s rarest and desirable car garages. As a result, Richard Mille provides these collectors with an unforgettable experience each year: a three-day excursion to the ruthless passage of time through classic road racers through some of Europe’s most scenic routes.

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Stopovers include intimate reception of private estates and visits to the most important monuments, all of which are dedicated to the great Epicurean adventure by top chefs. To participate in this event is to immerse yourself in a whole new world specially designed for a handful of carefully selected individuals.

Calling them “customers” will ignore Richard Mille’s original philosophy and create an atmosphere in informal private member hedonist clubs and clubs that appreciate all the good things in life. Whatever the value of the toy allocated to their dream vet, this is not a matter of money. The main purpose here is to let them taste the true value of things and enjoy precious free moments seized from the busy work schedule and main duties.

They rarely played. To a large extent, the proof here is that they are not on social networks. For them, the phone is just a working tool, not a way to show their vanity. They certainly don’t think this is a pocket watch. In order to find the time, they like to glance casually at the elegantly decorated wrists.

Andalusia offers playground
Richard Mille exclusively invited him to come to southern Spain, and the same wrist was well decorated. As Richard Mille explained: “Legendra rally is designed for lucky car owners, they are so rare and unique that there is no longer any hope of seeing them on the open road, more Needless to say the game line.”

Richard Mille also praised his friends Patrick Peter and Peter Auto for the perfect organization of the second rally. Sharing a common and passionate social occasion: our love for these extraordinary machines. “

Following its first release in Provence last year, the second episode now focuses on southern Spain. In contrast, Andalusia has a rich history, a long cultural heritage and a vibrant tradition, and has established its own lifestyle. The night tour of Alhambra in Grenada is impressive, away from the prying eyes of tourists, and is one of the rarest and most magical highs. For example, participants will also have the opportunity to learn all about breeding technology and science while enjoying the fun of using rare cheap

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Rare Tribulation
Rare car? You can bet they are! After careful inspection, we quickly discovered the cause.

The Bugatti Type 57 C Cabriolet with Gangloff chassis is one of the best examples of this model. Most of the cars involved, such as the Aston Martin DB3S, can even claim sports pedigree. The outstanding 1954 Aston Martin DB2 / 4 spider and its stunning red paint is one of only three in history with a special Bertone body.

In the current Ferrari, purists will notice 275 GTC. Like the DB2/4 Spider, only three of the 442 cars produced by Ferrari carry this sports stamp. 275 GTC is one of these three.

Another Ferrari car is 365 GTB / 4 Daytona Competizione. Models often seen on Le Mans or Kyalami racing tracks, while Anthony Bamford is on the steering wheel.

But wait! The white Porsche you see is not just an ordinary 911. It is no less than 1968 911 R, probably the rarest in the series! This classic example can be seen as early as in the Nürburgring Classic and Portugal.

Take the 1966 FordGT40 as an example. Yes, it was driven by Chris Amon, Innes Ireland, Jochen Rindt and Richard Attwood.

Even the support team can drive the McLaren Squadron into a stylish entrance. It is shipped exclusively from the factory and aims to emphasize the loyal partnership between the car manufacturer and the watchmaking men watches

Celebrate by chance
The stopover made cooking very happy, and the participants were very satisfied with it. The impressive sight of the huge paella is cooked in a traditional hammered copper pot outside the main square of the Alcazaba fortress, symbolizing the powerful Nasrid dynasty and the 15th century Moorish The last bastion of the empire, this memory will always be etched in our hearts.

Under the guidance of the team of Maria José San Roman and Michelin-starred Monastrell restaurant, the world-class Conde de Mirasol olive oil will be tasted as you wish.

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However, for many people, the highest point may be the dinner last night, which is the color and vitality of the classical guitar and the physical performance of flamenco dancers. A generous and happy lifestyle is a far cry from the old Spanish postcard cliché.

Before leaving the team, the participants of Régendes Légendes promised to meet again in the fall of 2020. Patrick Peter is eager to exchange upcoming events between France and abroad, and is already thinking about crossing the Pyrenees with them and the charming country roads of the Basque Country, so that they can once again indulge in the passion for the world . This is almost a subtle paradox of the event covered up by the entire secret: it was demanded exclusively by the watchmaker’s dream, but it is dedicated to enjoying the fun of time. fine watches