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Basel Watch – Patek Philippe’s new watch model

Baselworld Watch and Clock Fair is the world’s most famous trade show for luxury watches and clocks. The annual events held in Basel, Switzerland attract the attention of enthusiasts and leisure observers. After all, at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, many of the world’s most popular luxury watch manufacturers have displayed their new models.

Patek Philippe fake is one of the most famous figures in the annual event. This Geneva-based company enjoys a high reputation among design enthusiasts, especially in designing highly complex mechanical timepieces. In this article, we will introduce the main models launched by the brand this year.

  1. Patek Philippe Ref. 5531R World Time Minute Repeater
    The leader of Patek Philippe’s 2018 product line is undoubtedly the new Reference 5531R, which combines the manufacturer’s two most advanced complex functions-world time and minute repeater function-into a single timer, which It is the first in the world.

Because these two complex situations work at the same time, the minute repeater function always sounds a reminder tone according to the specified local time, not just a reminder tone according to the local time. To achieve this, the watch uses a brand new internal movement R 27 HU; one of the most advanced Patek Philippe movements to date.

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Initially, this watch was actually launched as a limited edition in 2017, but the model was already exhibited as Baselworld before the regular release this year. The case itself has a diameter of 40 mm and is made of rose gold, while the center of the dial carries a colorful landscape image.

  1. Patek Philippe Ref. 5968A Aquanaut chronograph

Compared to many other timepieces in the Patek Philippe product catalog, Aquanaut has always benefited from modern sports aesthetics. This year, thanks to the introduction of the 5968A, these ideas were further strengthened as the series received the first chronograph model.

Although this means that the second hand has been added, it is worth pointing out that this is not a basic chronograph function. In the typical Patek Philippe way, the manufacturer went further, adding a cylindrical gear and a vertical friction clutch with almost no friction, so that the hands of the chronograph could be connected into a continuous second hand.

In addition to the chronograph, Reference 5968A retains the style and size associated with the series. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 42 mm, and the black dial is in sharp contrast with the orange seconds and chronograph hands, helping to give it a youthful aesthetic.

  1. Patek Philippe Ref. 5740G Nautilus Perpetual Calendar
    Another major addition to the Patek Philippe product line this year is the Reference 5740G, which is the first watch in the Nautilus series with perpetual calendar complications. This particular model was widely rumored in the construction of Baselworld, so its release confirmed previous reports.

Visually, the fine watches benefits from traditional Nautilus design elements, such as a metallic blue dial with a horizontal line pattern. The octagonal case with a diameter of 40mm is made of 18k white gold, while the integrated bracelet of the timepiece is made of the same material and has a uniform appearance.

This watch uses an internal 240 Q movement to provide excellent timing accuracy. In addition, the dial has three subdials, the month is displayed at 3 o’clock, the date and moon phase are displayed at 6 o’clock, and the day of the week is displayed at 9 o’clock.

Last words
Patek Philippe (Patek)’s new features have always attracted a lot of attention, and this year is also the same, especially the world time minute repeater device, which has caused widespread praise.

Platinum Reference 2499/100P “Eric Clapton”
Patek started manufacturing Reference 2499 in 1951 and produced about 10 pieces per year for more than 35 years. For most collectors, the importance and perceptible value of this model lies in its perfectly proportioned case and dial layout, and three complexities, which even define certain references Patek Philippe even today: Perpetual calendar, moon phase indication and chronograph. Whenever 2499 is auctioned, its desirability is further proved, it is always one of the most important auction items in all auctions.

The last two works were actually not produced for sale but were left to be produced in Patek to celebrate the production of this iconic work that took three and a half years. One of the two later-produced platinum models eventually left Patek Philippe at the historic 1989 Patek Philippe Art auction and was sold privately until eventually becoming a rock legend and serious watch collector Eric Carat Puton.

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5004T titanium
Although Patek Philippe has stopped producing Reference 5004, at the fifth Only Watch auction (held in September 2013), they continued to create a final and completely unique version of 5004T. It is housed in a highly polished titanium case, which Patek Philippe rarely uses. Compared with other 5004 versions (and other Patek Philippe watches), the design is more unique, is a dial made of pure gold, hand-carved with a checkered pattern.

This fashion watches uses the watchmaker’s amazing caliber CHR 27-70Q, which is based on the blank movement created by Nouvelle Lemania for Patek Philippe. Its functions include a one-second chronograph and a perpetual calendar with moon phase indication. There is no doubt that the 5004T is an unusual and very special watch of Patek Philippe. This feeling is strongly reflected in the price of the auction item.

18K rose gold style reference 1527 million calendar
Reference 1527 is the most expensive watch Patek Philippe has ever auctioned, but only when you look closely can you know exactly why it was available at such a high price. First of all, it was the time to manufacture watches between 1943 and 1944. This is not only a fact, the watch was produced during the Second World War, but this particular watch can be used as a pioneer. Since then, Patek Philippe has produced some of the most iconic watches. For the well-known Patek Philippe collector, this is a time machine: its slender and slightly curved lugs, dial layout, and super-large diameter of 37.6 mm are at least ten years earlier than other famous Patek Philippe. In addition,

This work was first publicly sold more than 20 years ago, when it was auctioned. It has been locked until auction at Christie’s in 2010. It requires archivists to make great efforts to further study the history of this work, because when it was first sold around 1990, people did not know much about it. In the end, due to the file of Patek Philippe, it was revealed that this is a perpetual calendar reference 1527 case, so there are two complex iterations in this model made by the manufacturer. The other model has no chronograph function and belongs to Charles Stern, which is the first owner of the Patek Philippe luxury (Stern) family. The other is this unique 1527, which proved to be the most complicated one in this reference.