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HYT Skull Axl Rose: Five things

Is there a desire to deconstruct? Here are five things about Axl Rose style HYT watches.

Skull Axl Rose is named after the lead singer of Guns N ‘Roses. It is a real rock timepiece, with a badass skull and black liquid, echoing the time. In short, it is a watch with gestures. a lot of.

The watch is based on HYT’s iconic skull series, using two flexible reservoirs, each of which has a capillary at both ends, one containing black liquid and the other a transparent liquid. The only thing that separates them is the repulsive force in the two fluid molecules. The bellows driven by the piston pumps the liquid through the capillary to display the hours (HYT signal). In the words of CEO Gregory Dourde, the brand is “just at the beginning of innovative exploration of hydraulic machinery” and the watch proves its avant-garde creativity. This is what you should know:

It was designed by AXL HIMSELF
Didn’t expect you to find rock and fine watches in the same sentence? This watch proves this. Vincent Perriard, co-founder of HYT, revealed that he went to the singer’s stage after performing in Bern. “He spared no effort to conceive his model, and when we discussed with him, his spirit was well defined. We have created it for him. This is his watch, exactly the same as his design. I am particularly proud. “Perriard said.

It has a fabulous breath on the skull
The texture of the texture is inspired by the legendary almost mythical Damascus steel. This steel was used to forge weapons used by ancient warriors, especially swords. The exact formula of steel has long disappeared, but its characteristics include obvious water lines and patterns. The Skull base chosen by Axl Rose is based on stainless steel and has been remade with the same pattern, with stunning blue tones.

This may be as close as having that person scratch his name on your Wholesale Fake Discount watches. The sapphire caseback is decorated with the iconic Guns N’Roses logo, and the metalized 51 mm sapphire case is signed by Axl Rose.

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HYT Skull Watch: Green Eyes and Red Eyes

HYT’s bold statement that it uses an extremely complex design and is supported by fluid mechanics has become the brand’s iconic style.

HYT is not good at making “traditional timepieces”, they are the first manufacturers to introduce watches that use liquids to indicate time.

What makes it different?
Except for the big skull-there is no “hand” rotating around the dial and no minutes are displayed (yes, yes-only a few hours and seconds), and then the minutes are estimated by the fluid flowing in the skull. At least you have a good excuse to work late …

The right eye indicates the power reserve of the Replica Swiss Watch Online (eyes gradually darken at the end of the 65-hour period. The left eye indicates that the second hand dial is very weak.

Specifications: Black DLC titanium alloy with brushed or black DLC titanium alloy and 5N gold Diameter: 51 mm Height: 17.9 mm Movement: HYT movement Mechanical second hand-Left eye indication 65 hours power reserve strap-Black crocodile skin Green crocodile skin .