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MB & F Star Fleet Explorer

Designed by MB & F replica and manufactured by L’Épée 1839, the trademark launched an interstellar platform clock called Starfleet Explorer.

Six years after the first watch “Starfleet machine” jointly manufactured by MB & F and L’Epée 1839, a new expedition is underway. By 2020, the space station will return in a more compact size, add bright colors, and be accompanied by a space exploration fleet of three small spaceships; it correctly bears the name of Starfleet Explorer.

Starfleet Explorer, designed by MB & F, is a galaxy spaceship and table clock, made by L’Epée 1839, which is the last Swiss manufacturer specializing in high-end table clocks. It not only shows the hours and minutes, but also has an animation effect, in which three spaceships perform the orbital motion of the station for five minutes. Highly eye-catching, the superb internal movement has an excellent eight-day power reserve. You can use the two-key manual winding mechanism to wind and set the time.

Hours and minutes are indicated by two discs, an aperture and a brightly colored pointer. More specifically, when the minute on the rotating radar disk appears through the center of a fixed metal hole, it will be read out, the hole is manually polished and anodized, and follows the curved profile of the dome.


The hour disc placed below remains stationary. The hour hand (also satin-finished and anodized) indicates the hour by rotating its position and turning the dial completely within 12 hours.

Starfleet Explorer also has obvious original new elements in the form of three tiny spaceships, which are arranged along the same axis at regular intervals and placed in the actual Starfleet movement, which is the heart of the mechanical device, they are in one The full speed revolves around it. Rotate every five minutes: Space exploration under the guidance of the mother ship. mb&f hm4 thunderbolt watch

The movement of the Starfleet Explorer is placed horizontally, while the escapement is placed vertically. The flawless stainless steel stains or brass parts treated with palladium (except 11 jewels) are designed and manufactured by L’Epee 1839 Swiss studio. The gears and mainspring barrel are fully demonstrated by the hollowed main board and the concentric C-shaped external structure. Starfleet Explorer can be placed on both ends of its vertical landing gear. It is a very useful function when turning it over and tightening the clockwork. It can also be tilted sideways to provide a different perspective of the Milky Way clock station.

Starfleet Explorer has launched three limited editions of 99 pieces each, which are blue, green and red.

Clock-(Supreme) Large Watch
Starfleet Explorer is a table clock whose function is basically the same as that of a watch, only bigger: gear train, barrel, balance wheel, escape wheel and escape fork. The regulator of L’Epée 1839 also has an Incabloc anti-shock system, which is usually only seen in watches, thereby minimizing the risk of damage when transporting the clock.

One might think that the larger component size would simplify the work. However, due to the large surface area, the larger parts make it more difficult to complete a delicate movement than to finish a watch.

Arnaud Nicolas, CEO of L’Epée 1839, explained: “This is not only a case of doubling the size of the components, but also twice the time it takes to complete them. The complexity has multiplied. To polish, you need to apply and complete the high quality replica watches movement The same pressure, but on a larger surface, which is more challenging. Thanks to the experience and dexterity of our watchmaker, Starfleet Explorer can perform the most advanced finishing. “

Form following function
The details of the polished movement can be fully appreciated with the naked eye, thanks in large part to the extremely open concentric C-shaped external structure of Starfleet Explorer, which is fixed on the motherboard.

The outermost C-shape has three vertical arcs on which the clock is fixed. These beautiful supports play a role in the design of the model, but there is also a very practical application: the Starfleet Explorer can be placed upside down to use special keys for time setting and rewinding.