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Richard Mille RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams

RM 52-05 has the Earth seen from Mars, which is a long-range reflection trapped in an astronaut helmet.

Long-time award-winning singers, songwriters and producers have been friends of the brand and have many timepieces. When Richard Mille suggested that they work together to develop the first swiss watch named after him, Pharrell went into childhood to seek inspiration. ‘I ’ve always been fascinated by looking up at the sky. What could be more exciting than the past and the future? The space in front of you. What you see is yours. Before the earth, before the solar system. It will be behind us, there is nothing more meaningful than this. When I looked up at the sky, I was looking at God. I felt many different parts of a whole. This is Alpha and Omega. ’

Pharrell used this word to describe his music as “subversive.” His art world is about diverting attention and finding new perspectives in unexpected collaborations. ‘If it ’s not disruptive, it ’s simple. We need something “popular” in this world. ’

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As human beings, we spend time looking at the universe. The “pop” on the RM 52-05 replica watches stems from the fact that we completely changed the angle of view by 180 degrees. It was the moment we realized that staring at the dial, what we gazed in the vast space was … ourselves.

But how to capture this huge space within the scope of the dial? RM 52-05 tackled this artistic and technical challenge with one of Richard Mille’s breakthrough ideas. Miniature materials are processed using the most advanced technology and are jointly honed by engravers, enamelists and painters.

The technical innovation of the RM 52-05 tourbillon movement is an incredible innovation. The base plate of the movement equivalent to the space shuttle is made of grade 5 titanium alloy, through which you can glimpse the grade 5 titanium alloy bridge, and the skeleton skeleton can evoke the rocket launch platform. It is fitted with large panels in the gleaming blue Tanglin glass, reminiscent of outer space, and limits the boundaries of all stars and the universe.

The astronaut’s helmet is carved from grade 5 titanium and hand-painted with impenetrable paint to imply eternity. As for the red planet itself, only red gold can bring its vivid colors to life. Our striking and dramatic Valles Marineris is named after Mariner 9 Probe, the first human messenger to travel to Mars. The carving captured an overwhelming rock face, 7 kilometers above the auburn sandy landscape below. To this end, a variety of color changes must be achieved in the enamel. Unlike traditional Grande enamels obtained by adding different pigments, the gradient from orange to red and blue to black is made by superimposing layers and increasing the number of firings at 850 ° C.

The two platinum elements in the helmet contain a black sapphire and two diamonds, evoking floodlights and illuminating the environment around us. On the skin, we felt that the space suit was made of grade 5 titanium and painted white with a spray gun. Other innovations complete this cosmic timepiece. The brown cermet combines the lightness of titanium with the hardness of ceramics. It consists of a metal zirconium base associated with high-performance ceramics, giving the material an incredible brown hue with metallic reflections.

The strap is made of Carbon TPT®, which is well known in the aerospace field. The hands and bridge on the back of the model have been skeletonized and can evoke rocket launch platforms or satellite weapons. The crown is based on the design of the rocket pod. Even the surrounding rubber has the unique outline of Martian rover tires.