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Hesalite Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 3861

Each week, we present a selection of our favorite watches from the pre-owned side of our collection. We photograph each one so that you get a closer look at what makes these watches so special. This week, we have a METAS Tudor Black Bay Burgundy, a Serti Rolex Submariner, a Cartier Tortue in rose gold, a blue-dial Patek QP ref. 5140 in platinum, and a hesalite Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch.
The Tudor Black Bay has carved out a space all its own over the past decade – establishing itself firmly as one of the best entry points into watch collecting. Being in the Rolex orbit only heightens the value proposition that a Black Bay brings to the table in any size format, but the original was the Black Bay 41, a watch that pulls from the heritage of vintage Tudor Submariner watches in a size and form factor fit for the modern day.
Last year, at Watches & Wonders, Tudor took its tried and true Black Bay and gave it a major upgrade, turning the movement from its standard chronometer-certified stance and elevating it into METAS, master chronometer, territory. And along the way, the brand refined the case, and bezel (it’s now teethier like the Rolex Submariner) and fitted it to the new five-link, “don’t call it a Jubilee” bracelet. The Black Bay has matured significantly, and we love it.
Speaking of the Tudor Black Bay, we now turn our attention to the older sibling and its prototypical dive watch: The Rolex Submariner. What began as a tools watch for divers from Rolex has evolved over the years. We get it in steel, in two-tone, and occasionally we see unique examples such as the one we present today: A Submariner in two-tone with a silvery dial set with diamonds – hence the name.
This is how you level up a Sub. The contrast of the blue bezel against the yellow gold, which is then paired with the diamond markers, makes for a true marriage of watchmaking and jewelry. It also just goes to show you how versatile the Submariner is. It’s like a chameleon, able to take on many forms – and this form is simply stunning to behold.