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A new watchmaking marvel from Jacob & Co: Astronomia Solar

The brilliant watchmakers at Jacob & Co. have created a new and incredible representation of Earth in the solar system in the form of the spectacular Astronomia Solar fake watch. For the first time, the brand has recreated all eight planets orbiting the sun on a dial mesmerizingly, with the hand-engraved Earth revolving around its axis every 60 seconds and completing a full revolution of the dial in 10 minutes, as if in flight Same with the tourbillon and the hour and minute dials.

It’s a beautiful sight to say the least, and if you look closely, you’ll be captivated by the inner workings of this amazing timepiece. Built exclusively for Astronomia Solar, the JCAM19 hand-wound movement is faster than all other mechanisms in Jacob & Co’s Astronomia collection, albeit smaller and more complicated. Since it completes a 360° clockwise rotation in 10 minutes, and the aventurine base moves in opposite directions at the same speed, it gives you the impression of zero gravity, speeding up to observe the solar system.

This watch features a 44.5mm 18kt rose gold case with a sapphire crystal case and a beautiful domed AR coated sapphire crystal to make this watch look even cooler. This incredible timepiece can withstand 30 meters of water, the 43 jewels of its movement will also impress you, an incredible sight, and the 48-hour power reserve allows the owner to occasionally Rest awhile.

The black alligator leather strap with the 18kt rose gold folding clasp completes it all, leaving me ignoring everything else and daydreaming about this extraordinary timepiece.

Jacob & Co. Introduces Exclusive Astronomia Solar Zodiac Tourbillon Black Titanium

Jacobs & Co.’s approach to creating luxury handcrafted timepieces is to think outside the box, which will continue to connect the watch industry with the rest of the world. Jacob & Co. came up with this world and released the new Astronomia Solar Zodiac. The smooth matte finish of the case comes from the DLC’s treatment of the 44mm titanium case, which completely changes the look of the traditional Astronomia.

Using the in-house hand-wound JCAM19 movement, this piece revolves around the galaxy-painted dial, bringing the entire solar system into one. Seven planets are represented by semi-precious hemispheres: Mercury’s white granite, Venus’ ruby, Mars’ red jasper, Jupiter’s Peterstone, Saturn’s tiger’s eye, Saturn’s blue calcite, and Neptune’s lapis lazuli.

The time display displayed through the Zodiac Symbolic Platform is driven using an extremely small differential system to keep time in a very clear way. The large blue alligator strap and black PVD ​​​titanium clasp contrast the Astronomia’s dark exterior. fake Jacob & Co. pushes the limits of watchmaking again with the Astronomia Solar Zodiac Black watch.