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Out of this world: Jacob & Co. enters the Metaverse with new Astronomia Metaverso NFT series

For the past three decades, Jacob & Co. has been at the forefront of transcending the world of watchmaking, daring to innovate and showing the impossible. Today, Jacob & Co. is breaking the rules again and entering a whole new world: the Metaverse. Astronomia Metaverso NFT series officially landed.

Over the past few weeks, the brand has strategically launched its first luxury watch NFT project, showcasing both physical and digital products from the collection. Astronomia Metaverso expands on eight planets in our solar system, a true testament to Jacob Arabo’s marvels at the complexity of space. “For this collection, I want every planet to have a significant presence in the watch, and I want every micro world to feel and look real,” said Jacob & Co founder Arabo. “I created an arched custom dome movement and filled the volume beneath our signature sapphire Astronomia crystal,” he added. The watch features a 44mm case that showcases the dial design details unique to each planet,

Each of the eight NFT watches designed by Arabo embodies iconic elements of the much-loved Astronomia collection, while also propelling them into a new crypto-native future. For the five NFT watches representing the planets closest to the sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter, collectors will receive a one-of-a-kind physical watch.

The three planets farthest from the sun, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, are all extraordinary pure digital NFT variants.

Additionally, those who purchase the NFT will receive exclusive access to the brand, including membership passes, opportunities to unlock physical, digital and experiential perks, and invitations to luxury experiences like Jacob & Co. private tours and dinners. Jacob & Co CEO Benjamin Arabo explained: “Astronomia Metaverso invites watch lovers and cryptocurrency collectors to let their imaginations run wild, while enjoying the finest in watchmaking and unlocking special numbers and experiences with Jacob & Co. privilege.”

The launch marks the beginning of the brand’s journey into the metaverse, setting a precedent for luxury timepieces in the field. Launching this month, the Astronomia Metaverso series is an exclusive production in partnership with UNXD.