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FP Journe New Bright Chronograph

FP Journe fake has announced two new models in the LineSport range. The main feature of the new Centigraphe Sport and Octa Sport high-end watches is the bright yellow dial, which complements the anthracite colour of the 44mm grade 5 titanium case. Inside both watches, there is a manufacturing mechanism made of aluminium alloy which, combined with titanium, gives the watch an impressive lightness (75 grams).

The LineSport series appeared relatively late in the FP Journe model range, in 2012. An avid collector and a devoted fan of FP Journe inspired the company’s masters to create new timekeeping devices. He will be running a marathon and is very interested in a light sports watch that can run on a real mechanism at the Haute Horlogerie level. Thus, the first model, the Centrigraphe Sport, was born.

Another historical fact worth noting is that the first model in the series, number 001, was donated to a charitable fund. It was then sold at auction, during which money was raised to support the victims of the Fukushima accident.

Compared to previous versions of the series, this high-end watch has increased in size by 2mm. The date indicator on Octa Sport models has also gotten larger. In addition, for the first time in the history of an replica FP Journe watch, a black ceramic bezel is available.

This watch weighs only 75 grams. To achieve this lightness, the masters of FP Journe ditched the heavy gold normally used for the mechanism in favour of aluminium alloys. The first watch with this mechanism – the Centrigraphe Sport – was produced in 2012.

The Centrigraphe Sport is equipped with a manual winding mechanism capable of measuring time intervals from 1/100 of a second to 10 minutes. You can keep track of time using three sub-dials. The chronograph readings are started, stopped and reset without the aid of conventional push buttons, but by pressing a special push button lever placed near the 2 o’clock position on the case. FP Journe has patented this ergonomic technical solution.

The second patent concerns the configuration of the mechanism, constructed so that the chronograph function is isolated from the time display mechanism. The advantage of this design is that the chronograph has no effect on the amplitude of the swing of the balance. Two different gears, the operation of which is controlled by a winding spring (patented), drive the hands on the counter (sub-dial).

The large date display is an additional feature of the high-end Octa Sport watch. To improve readability of readings, its dimensions have been increased to 4.7 x 2.6 mm. Self-winding is ensured by a titanium rotor that optimizes the movement of the wrist. The movement’s power reserve is quite impressive – around 160 hours. Both models are available in platinum or rose gold cases.