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Diamonds are forever – Rolex Water Ghosts

The Chinese New Year is almost here, so what watch should I wear this year to show my relatives, friends, villagers and elders? When I think of this, I think of the 16238 I wrote before (what watch to buy in the new year – Rolex 16238), that classic gold watch has been engraved in my mind. This time, the poison master recommends another labor with gold and diamonds, which represents the good intentions of making money and making money together next year.

If you don’t know the watch today, if you don’t know it for the first time, you will doubt its authenticity when you see it for the first time. Has Jinshuigui ever had a dial with diamonds? In fact, the first time this Jinshui Ghost Poisoner learned about it was on a website. At that time, it was still an annual list recommended by an editor, including the Rolex who introduced this 116613-8Di. The poison master still clearly remembers that his evaluation of this watch was rare and the price was at a low point. You can have a top-level black water ghost for less than 100,000. It was only produced for more than three years before it was discontinued. Its collection angle and appreciation angle have good advantages. Combined with the ultra-long-distance automatic identification function of the water ghost itself, the rare and high-quality attributes with drills in close-up look, I don’t know what better recommendation I can recommend if I don’t wear it during the New Year.

Speaking of Jinshuigui, there are blue plates and black plates to choose from. The early 116613 is still very conscientious, and all use low-temperature porcelain plates, which will have a warm effect under the light. Among them, the blue plate is particularly obvious, which has a strong contrast effect with the later brushed plate. replica swiss watches

The fonts on the dial all use gold paint effect. It is worth noting that Rolex has made a relatively large change to the black dial. Except for the black dial with diamonds, the others use white characters and black dials, while the blue dials are all changed to white characters until 126613. Blue discs, these subtle differences are the joy of playing a Rolex.

Compared with the aluminum ring 16613 drill disk, 116613 has made a lot of money and uses a larger and rounder octopus drill. The size of this drill is the same as that of an ordinary luminous scale, and its cost is much higher than the previous small drill. The scale gems at point, 6 and 9 o’clock are replaced with luminous powder. In this way, there is still a certain guarantee for watching the night light of the watch at night.

Open the case and look at the dial carefully, woohoo, is it an Onyx agate stone plate? The poison master also said before that if the calendar frame has metal on the edge, it is usually a gemstone plate, and this watch frame also carries it, However, if you think about it, the scrap rate is too high to make a gemstone plate with so many scales. At the same time, you can see the difference in thickness of the watch frame. Hey, it is still an old trick played by best Rolex.

This octopus diamond, I would like to call it the most beautiful SUB diamond, the eight round diamonds are inlaid on the 18K gold base, like bright pearls in the dark night.

Although the blue face is also very angry, but according to my personal experience of wearing two for several months, I still think that black gold is more suitable for my boring, simple, calm and atmospheric style.

In the end, the poison master still wants to say, if you like it, you can get in the car immediately, because there are not many submariners with drills. Except for the full gold version 116618, the same panel has also been used. Later, it really disappeared, with drills. The water ghost has since disappeared. Maybe SUB has not been a big brother for many years. Whenever this watch is posted, it will always attract a question from watch friends. If you forward this article to him, you are the king of the Rolex world, the kind of solitary. The “wow, awesomeness” of begging for defeat is not much more than the current labor, and it will immediately cause a surge in the rivers and lakes.

Rolex Submariner Series Model: 116613-LN-97203 8DI Black Dial Diameter: 40MM Movement: 3135 Movement.