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Founded in the nineties, luxury watch brand Jacob & Co quickly became one of the most prestigious and well-known watch brands. “I make people happy,” says Jacob Arabo, America’s most respected jeweler. Impressively charming and innovative designs are the main features of the brand’s watches. Behind these characteristics is undisputed Swiss quality. These bright, striking and attractive premium models feature future-proof innovations in design and movement. Jacob & Co watches are decorated by Hollywood stars, famous musicians, politicians as well as wealthy businessmen and creatives.

Recently, at the Basel Watch Fair, American jewelry and cheap watches company Jacob & Co. and French luxury car manufacturer Bugatti announced a long-term cooperation, which is of great significance on the occasion of Bugatti’s 110th anniversary. The introduction of two special models is chronographed with a circular date. The first is the Bugatti Chrono Edition Limitée 110 Ans, a sports chronograph based on the Epic X Chrono. Each of the 110 pieces symbolizes the historical year of the company founded by Ettore Bugatti.

The skeletonized Calibre JCAA05 is housed in a lightweight and strong carbon fiber case. This material is not used accidentally because carbon fiber is widely used in the automotive industry. The best racing cases are made of carbon single cases, which are lightweight, durable and very expensive to produce. The collection with the emblematic French flag on the dial and the transparent caseback is made exclusively for Bugatti: Jacob Arabo says we won’t see any other collections of watches with Jacob & Co. carbon cases.

Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti Edition

Based on last year’s complicated Twin Turbo Furious model, the Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti Edition features two triple-axis tourbillons, a decimal minute repeater and a special chronograph movement with principles borrowed from the racing world. The one-button chronograph shows the “reference” time and the time away from the “reference” time, e.g. on the next lap: lag is indicated by a blue 20-second scale, advance is indicated by a green scale. This system in the new watch is called Pit Board, and the power reserve indicator is now called Fuel. The inner bezel is finished in bright blue, reminiscent of historic Bugatti race cars.