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New Panerai Lumino series watches

The new “gold size”, tasting the new Panerai Lumino series watches

If you like tough guy style watch styles, I believe you must have heard the name Panerai; if you know Panerai, I believe you must know the Luminor series. This “Luminor”, which was patented by the brand as early as 1949, has gradually become the universal logo of Panerai diving watches, from the name of the new luminous material to the watch series. Some people say that if you want to own Panerai, a Lumino is enough, which shows its representativeness. Not long ago, the Luminor series launched the new Luminor Marina Quaranta watch, which brings new dimensions and functions while retaining the highly recognizable appearance of the series. In today’s article, we will share with you some real pictures. (Watch model: PAM01272)

The 40mm case diameter is the latest in the new watch. I remember that when the new product was just released, this new size attracted a lot of discussion from readers. Some people believed that the main feature of Panerai was the large dial, so they preferred large sizes (such as 44mm and 47mm). Another voice is optimistic about the newly set 40mm, thinking that this size is more suitable for domestic watch friends. I’m moderate, I think you don’t have to worry too much about it, there are different wrist sizes to choose from, why not do it?

In addition to the obvious changes in the diameter of the watch, the overall design of the new model is still familiar to the Lumino series, such as the pillow-shaped stainless steel case, the cast lugs integrated with the case, and the polished bezel.

On one side of the crown is Lumino’s most classic crown protection device. In 1956, this device was officially unveiled for the first time on the “Egyptian” watch developed by Panerai, and it has always been the most recognizable element of Panerai watches.

Take a look at the dial, the change has come again. Compared with the more common two-pin design before, the new model chooses a small three-pin shape and adds a calendar function.

On the black matte dial, there is a small second dial at 9 o’clock, and the blue small second hand is very eye-catching on the black, which not only plays a practical role, but also reveals the aesthetics of the design. At 3 o’clock is the date display window.

The new watch still uses the classic “sandwich” dial. We introduced this dial sandwich structure in the previous article. Simply put, it is to put the luminous material in the interlayer, so that the luminous material will It is very concentrated, and the light produced at night is brighter and longer-lasting.

The solid caseback used in the new Luminor Marina Quaranta is powered by a P900 automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve of up to 3 days.

Finally, let’s take a look at how the watch operates. This requires us to go back to the crown again. To wind the watch: Open the lever of the crown guard, keep the crown in its original position, and turn it clockwise a few times. To adjust the date: Pull out the crown to the first button and turn it clockwise. (The date of this watch is one-way forward adjustment). To set the time: Pull the crown out to the second clasp. Of course, at the end, remember to push the crown back to its original position and close the lever.

The watch is equipped with a black alligator leather strap and a black calfskin strap with a quick release system on both the strap and the clasp. It is said that different colors of rubber straps will be launched in the next few months, and the choice will be greater.

Watchers who have been paying attention to the dynamics of the bezel may find that after the large dial has been popular for a while, the trend of the small dial has begun to return. Panerai launched a new size of 40mm at this time, which can be considered as the brand taking this opportunity to expand its product line and attract the market. As far as practicality is concerned, as a reader said, because of the appearance and the protection of overseas Chinese, the Panerai men watch looks bigger in the case of the same diameter size, so the 40mm size is indeed larger. How small-handed consumers open the door. Have you noticed that whether or not you paid for the changes to the new Lumino, it has successfully caught your attention.