Explosive aesthetics that go straight to the soul| Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Tourbillon 5 Days Watch – White Carbon Fiber, Sapphire

In 2014, the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang series debuted, with the attitude of a new watch series, becoming the first tonneau-shaped watch of Hublot. It inherits the classic design elements of Big Bang – there are six titanium H-shaped screws on the bezel, the lugs and the sandwich panels on both sides of the case also have visible screws, luminous hands and hour markers, etc. These classic elements are Integrated in the brand’s new tonneau-shaped case. Its case design is also a highlight, with multiple sandwich-like structures, and then through the change of materials, colors and decorative panels, infinite possible fusion appearances can be changed on the basis of such a design.

The innovative use and bold changes of materials have been continuously presented in the Spirit of Big Bang in the past. On the other hand, Hublot has also brought the refinement of mechanical craftsmanship into this series, launching a high-end complex watch with a tourbillon 5-day chain watch. -Spirit Of Big Bang tourbillon 5-day chain watch. This new series includes three tourbillon five-day models, made of lightweight carbon fiber or sapphire. Under the same tonneau-shaped profile, due to the different use of materials and decorative techniques, they show different explosions. Different styles of aesthetic tension. In addition, they are all equipped with an exclusive “One-Click” one-button quick release strap device, each of which is released in limited quantities. It combines excellent performance and trendy appearance, and has become one of the most talked about high-end complications.

Under its bold and distinctive appearance, it is equipped with the HUB6020 manual winding movement specially developed by Hublot for the tonneau-shaped case, rather than just packaging the circular movement in the tonneau-shaped case, reflecting the harmony between the outside and the inside. One’s attention. The power reserve of up to 115 hours is one of the impressive features of this skeleton tourbillon movement, which can be manually wound through the large crown. The tourbillon cage at 6 o’clock makes one revolution per minute, and the off-centre hours and minutes counters at 3 o’clock. The dial and case back are made of sapphire, providing an excellent view of the mechanism.

Lightweight! First look at a white carbon fiber case

Spirit Of Big Bang tourbillon 5-day chain white carbon fiber watch, diameter 42mm / carbon fiber material with white micro glass fiber / HUB6020 self-made manual winding skeleton tourbillon movement / power 115 hours.

The contrast of black and white is the first visual impact when seeing the Spirit Of Big Bang tourbillon 5-day chain white carbon fiber watch. The 42mm case, case back and bezel are all made of white camouflage carbon fiber. This material named white carbon fiber by Hublot is a composite material mixed with irregular white patterns in the pure carbon black of carbon fiber; this white inclusion is obtained from microglass fiber, after compounding it with carbon fiber, In addition to creating a new visual aesthetic, it also brings the evolution of both toughness and breaking strength to carbon fiber materials.

Generally, the carbon fiber case has a neat texture like a fabric, which is because the manufacturing process is obtained by stacking carbon fiber cloths and then sealing them under high temperature and high pressure. The innovative material white carbon fiber used in this watch presents a random and irregular pattern, and its manufacturing process is completely different from the common carbon fiber watch cases in the past. Colored epoxy resin is used to strengthen its bond, and then it is molded by high temperature and high pressure treatment, which shows the special effect of showing white lines in carbon gray. The micro-glass fibers are randomly fused into the dense and hard carbon fiber like cotton wool and cumulus clouds. The texture is unrestrained and fine. The overall effect is like a modern abstract painting, which is particularly fascinating to appreciate.

Exile Akira uses a striped suit with a Spirit Of Big Bang tourbillon 5-day chain white carbon fiber Review fake watch to interpret the mature man’s avant-garde sports style as a low-key luxury charm. The texture of the white carbon fiber case is unrestrained and fine, and the overall effect is like a modern abstract painting.

The simple tonneau-shaped outline creates a space for the wonderful configuration of the dial that can highlight various curves, radians and layers. Hours and minutes at 3 o’clock, tourbillon cage at 6 o’clock, power reserve indicator at 8 o’clock – all of the above are presented in white ring or silver, black skeleton movement extending in all directions The substrate passes through these white ring-shaped designs, staggered and overlapped, creating a sense of hierarchy that seems to have no rules to follow but not at all chaotic. In this space with a surface diameter of only 42mm, a space structure full of futuristic features is created.

The spatial structure of the skeletonized movement is very wonderful. The black substrate penetrates and crosses the ring-shaped sub-dial unrestrainedly, forming a futuristic three-dimensional structure picture.

This watch continues the classic elements of the Big Bang replica watch series, and the hands and hour markers have a luminous effect. The case back is equipped with a sapphire bottom cover, and the unique and wonderful structure of the movement is clear at a glance.

The contrasting beauty of black and white contrast is also carried out to the design of the strap. For this model, Hublot features a white rubber strap with a black edge, and the three-dimensional structure strap surface is decorated with inscribed straight lines throughout, presenting a clean aesthetic like a racing track; with black ceramic and black plating Titanium folding clasp, black and white style throughout. This watch is equipped with Hublot’s patented “One Click” one-button quick-change strap system, which can easily and quickly change the strap by itself.

Hublot is equipped with a black and white three-dimensional structure strap for this high quality watch. The strap is equipped with the “One Click” one-button quick-change strap system, which can be easily and quickly replaced by itself.