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The Year of the Tiger is a good start. Let’s take a look at how this IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 Year of the Tiger Special Edition performs

In order to welcome the upcoming Chinese Lunar Year of the Tiger, fake IWC Schaffhausen recently launched a new pilot’s chronograph 41 Year of the Tiger special edition. In fact, it has been four years since the last time IWC released a special edition watch with Chinese elements. The previous special editions with Chinese elements were also presented on Portofino or Portuguese series of formal timepieces. This year As the new year of the pilot’s watch, the 43mm small flying meter and 41 flying meter have been well received. Therefore, IWC chose to use 41 flying meters as the design basis to present the elements of the Year of the Tiger. We have also recently photographed them. This special edition of the Year of the Tiger, let’s introduce to you through the video today to see how it performs.

In the past, when we mentioned pilot cheap watches, what was the first reaction? Big crown? Tough and domineering visual effects? Indeed, these are the iconic elements of the IWC flight watch. It is inseparable to talk about the flight watch, but to make a special edition of Chinese elements, it must be a different way. IWC thought of starting with two design highlights.

First of all, this special edition of the Year of the Tiger chose a 41mm flying meter. I think it is positioned because it has excellent durability and rich functionality. Popular with everyone, so choose such a popular style, which can not only meet the needs of watch friends, but also fit the wrist size of most people, and it will not go wrong.

As for the 41mm flyometer, the current new product design adopts a stainless steel case to match the most mainstream color-full panel design, such as the iconic IWC blue and the most popular green, the highlight of the special edition of the Year of the Tiger. One of the designs lies in the color of the plate. Red is the background color of Chinese culture. It is also inseparable from the Chinese New Year. Therefore, IWC thought of using burgundy red to make the plate. This red is more eye-catching and eye-catching than the popular green plate. .

IWC Large Pilot Perpetual Calendar Watch “Lewis Hamilton” Special Edition Model: IW503002

It is not the first time that IWC has used this color. In the pilot series, the special edition of the Dafei perpetual calendar that was launched for the brand ambassador F1 driver Hamilton has used Burgundy burgundy with gold as the color base. There have also been two Burgundy red plate styles in the Portuguese series. The wine red plate presented on the fly meter, in the words of IWC, is to make it both sporty and elegant.

The dial still continues the representative of the pilot series. The cockpit instrument style is designed to be clear and easy to read. For the watch, it is easy to make it bigger, but it is more difficult if you want to make it smaller, because this is not a miniature. It’s that simple, and the overall proportions have to be redesigned. Although the 41mm disk has been reduced in size, the three vertical sub-disks and the day-of-day calendar display window are not messy, but rather patchy.

In terms of details, the Burgundy red disc is also decorated with sun patterns, which will change with different light angles. The rhodium-plated hands and hour markers are coated with luminous coating to ensure the readability of the watch in dimly lit environments.

After reading the front of the watch, let us flip the fashion watch to see another bright spot. The watch adopts a back-through design. Through the sapphire back cover, you can see the IWC-made 69385 calibre that it is equipped with. The automatic winding system will be responsible for the oscillating weight that converts the wearer’s movement into the main spring tension. , Made into a hollow tiger prancing pattern, with special meaning.

As for the performance of the 69385 movement, I have talked with you many times in the previous articles. Since the launch of the 69 movement, it has been upgraded step by step, and it is getting better and better. Take the previous TOP GUN and the engineer Goodwood. Compared with 69380, 385 is an upgrade. According to the actual feedback of watch friends, the performance is very good in terms of intuitive performance such as durability, accuracy, and two-way winding efficiency. After all, the production movement is not at the same level as the unified core. With the polishing process of the IWC movement, the upper, middle and lower three layers, the fish scale pattern, the Geneva pattern, and the tiger-shaped hollow oscillating weight are not bad. Transparent, but does not affect the waterproof, the upgrade of the case structure also increased the waterproof performance from 60 meters to 100 meters.

However, it is a pity that although the watch is equipped with a gradual burgundy red calf leather strap, the effect is good from brown-red to burgundy, but the strap is not equipped with the latest research and development of IWC. With easy quick change system (EasX-CHANGE).

We have finished reading the introduction to the design highlights and performance aspects of this new luxury IWC 41 Fei Ji Year of the Tiger Special Edition. I think you all have your own opinions. From the perspective of our current experience of seeing real watches, this Tiger Year is based on solid workmanship, and the use of Burgundy wine red also gives you a sense of exquisiteness. The flying tiger-shaped pendulum is also a bonus item, and at the same time In fact, the hand feels very good. Judging from the hands-on effect of our colleague’s 16.5 small wrist circumference, 41mm is indeed the golden size of modern men’s watches, and it is very suitable.