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JACOB & CO. – Astronomical Tourbillon Watch

In order to measure time, humans use similar instruments Sundial, water clock and SANDCLOCK in ancient times, but the clock was invented until the set time was correct.

But where the clock is used to see time, it transcends the realm of time and brings it to space and nature. Let us know about JACOB & CO.-Astronomical Tourbillon Watch.

JACOB & CO. – Astronomia Tourbillion Watch In short, Jacob & Co. is known as a high-end jeweler and has caused a sensation in the watch industry in recent years.

For those of us who can only dream of seeing space, it seems to them that JACOB & CO. has brought space to your wrist through its watch.The astronomical tourbillon gets 4 weeks of the satellite’s arm, which rotates around the dial.

One of the satellites that shows the time rotates the dial every 20 minutes.The second satellite continuously rotates in its cage every minute.

On the third satellite, we saw a sparkling rotating diamond. In order to give a complete sense of space, the background of the clock is decorated with things like real shining stars.

The rose gold weight of the watch is fixed by adding SAFFIRE CRYSTAL in all directions. Wearing this watch, the secret of time and space will remain in your hands.

Hands-on: Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar is the latest version of the Astronomia Tourbillon, which was one of Baselworld’s most watched watches when it debuted in 2014. Michael Clerizo of The Wall Street Journal called it one of his three favorite watches. The fact that the exhibition and a company mainly known for high-end jewelry and watches created such a mechanically complex and visually spectacular thing made many people turn their heads and their tongues wobbly. Of course, this is not the first advanced mechanical complication introduced by Jacob & Co., but from a design point of view, it is undoubtedly the most amazing, and there are some things that really attract the collective imagination of the watch industry . Many companies have adopted this truly excessive, minimalist, big-or-home watch design.

Since the launch of the first model, the design has been constantly evolving. One of the most interesting models is Astronomia Sky, which includes a sidereal time indicator and star chart (we did it ourselves earlier this year). We are also fortunate to have Jacob & Co. founder Jacob Arabo and watchmaker watch design company Studio 7h38 Luca Soprano (Jacob & Co.’s partner in the manufacture of movements and watches) talks about Astronomia Sky in the office via video.

The latest version of Astronomia is Astronomia Solar. Solar is different from other Astronomia replica watches in many ways. The first thing you may notice is that the central carrier has three arms instead of four. The time is visible on a dial (it is mounted on a differential gear system to ensure that 12:00 is always at the top to make it easier to read the time), while the tourbillon is on the second carrying arm; the globe representing the earth is on the first On three arms. The center of the carrier is a 1.5 carat citrine with 288 facets.