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Jacob & Co.-Master of Astronomy

Only Jacob & Co. copy can dare to display one of the most complex complication of watchmaking in a transparent case, including the astronaut floating in it. The Astronomia series is the result of four years of work, combining the fantasies of Jacob Arabo and the talent of the watchmaker Luca Soprano, always clearly-metaphorically and literally In a sense-about our position in the universe and its inevitable connection with time, this is the primary reason why we own a clock.

After the creation of the first watch movement with a vertical structure in history, the movement continuously rotates around its own central axis and is attached with branches. It can carry a variety of objects, such as astronauts, Jacob® cut diamonds, The earth, even the hour and minute dials. In the past few years, the people behind Astronomia have been perfecting their latest watch miracles. Astronomia Maestro combines the minute repeater with the carillon-this is the most complex type. More importantly, it uses a patented fuse barrel with a ratchet and pawl system and three gongs spirally wound on the main board of the movement-a first in the watchmaking industry.

The result is a completely new movement with the hour and minute display in the center for the first time instead of on a rotating arm. For this reason, the arm on the market is given a moon phase display, which rotates around its own axis within 31 days, and uses the rotation of a half black half Jacob cut diamond to display the date and moon phase white on the scale. There are 288 Facet. watch copy

Although the visual aspect is breathtaking, Minute Ask collectors will naturally be equally interested in the acoustics and aesthetics of this work. In this regard, Astronomia Maestro has much to do. First of all, most of its case is made of sapphire crystal, which is quite large and helps amplify the sound. “The considerable size has allowed us to conduct extensive research in the past two years to go beyond the usual minute repeater principle,” Luca Soprana explained. Three clearly visible hammers strike the hours, quarters and minutes from low to high with a beautiful cathedral gong sound.

The audible symphony is accompanied by a visual ballet, in which the four arms of the movement complete a complete rotation of the dial every ten minutes. On the opposite arm, the earth and the miniature astronaut (he has almost no weight, only 0.2 grams!) rotates about their axis every 30 seconds, while the tourbillon rotates every two and a half minutes, around the balance wheel axis and it Its own axis rotates the axis every 60 seconds. All of this is happening in the context of the planets in our solar system.

Astronomia Maestro is equipped with a manual winding JCFM06 movement composed of 608 parts.