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Zenith launches two new models to challenge gravity in a transparent way

This is an interesting question; when will fake Zenith reach its peak? So far, it has not happened, and it is doubtful that it will happen in the near future. Today, the brand launched two watches, bringing new changes to existing creations. What they all have in common is the coveted action, transparent wrapped in a lot of blue.

The first watch to use this treatment is the Defy Zero G. Limited edition, it contains a gyroscope module to ensure that the timepiece’s adjusting device is always in a horizontal position. This allows the watchmaker to calibrate it very accurately to improve accuracy. Although this is a treat in itself, it is more attractive to house it in a sapphire case, because this increased transparency allows you to appreciate more movement. Zenith chose the celestial theme for the dial, made of aventurine, and used meteorites to make the hour markers and the rings of the rails. The rest of the movement has a finish that matches this decoration. Even the platinum counterweight of the gyro system is shaped and completed like a moon.

The Defy 21 double tourbillon is also limited to 10 pieces, and its celestial theme is more low-key. Zenith retains some of its technical appearance here, which is very suitable for watches with two tourbillons, one of which is dedicated to the timing function. After activation, it runs at an astonishing speed of 360,000 VpH. This enables the watch to measure the passage of time with an accuracy of 1/100 second. The other tourbillon is for the movement itself, and its speed of 36,000 VpH is far from leisurely. Combined, they make an incredible watch, and now its sapphire case is even better, combined with the blue and silver themes, it looks amazing. These two watches also come with another treat.